Personalised Eyeshadow Palettes


Boots isn’t usually my first choice when it comes to buying makeup as I’ve always viewed it as more of a health store for buying essential items such as vitamins and sun cream. However, I decided to make a quick pitstop in my local store because I didn’t have much time and I wanted to grab a neutral eyeshadow palette with a few transitional shades in preparation for my holiday next month. I already own palettes from more expensive brands such as Anastasia Beverley Hills and Urban Decay, but they’re full of metallic and glitter shadows – and all I really need at the moment is a matte and shimmer palette to create a few no-makeup makeup looks for pool-side wear along with a few neutral evening looks.


Instead of buying an off-the-shelf palette as I originally planned, I ended up visiting the Boots Emporium stand where you’re able to build your own palette using Makeup Obsession makeup. You can choose the size and colour of the palette, the engraving and whatever products and shades you want to fill it with. I was only interested in eyeshadow singles – so filled my palette with these alone – but I could have also mixed lip, contour, blush or strobing pans in various colours and finishes.

You buy the empty palette for a set price – which varies depending on the size and finish – and then pay for the individual pans. I was originally going to buy a matte white 6 pan palette for £4 and then fill it – creating a total price of £16 which I thought was really good value. However, if you spent £15 or more, you received a free rose gold 12 pan palette worth £8. So this is what I did. I spent £24 buying 12 different shimmer and matte eyeshadows, and then paid an extra £3 to have my free palette engraved with my name.

(Total Price: £27)

I decided to choose a range of brown tones because – for Spring and Summer eye makeup especially – I tend to lean towards a pale matte brown base before building up the look with brighter shimmer or glitter eyeshadows. With this in mind, I also chose a few khaki, gold and rose gold tones as I find that these suit the Hazel eye colouring that I have.

I especially love this palette because it is personal to me. Obviously I still like using the other palettes I have, but I don’t always like or get along with all of the set colours and formulas in them – so this means I’m always paying for shades that I won’t necessarily use. With my own personal palette I can interchange the colours as often as I want and create a colour scheme that I will use every day. It’s absolutely beautiful and will be the first thing I pack in my makeup bag for my holiday in June!

Have you bought any Obsession palettes or eyeshadows before?

Song Recommendation:

Sigrid –> Don’t Kill My Vibe



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