Van Gogh at Tate Britain

I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam simply so I could make trip to the van Gogh museum. However, when I found out that a van Gogh exhibition was coming to Tate Britain in London, I just had to drag my boyfriend along with me. London is more affordable than Amsterdam right now, so we were more than happy to make a day of it and soak up a bit of art and culture. We picked a fantastic sunny day for the trip – it couldn’t have been better.


We pre-booked our tickets for 10:30 on the 20th of April and signed up to the Tate Collective in order to get our tickets for £5 instead of the usual £22. We managed to grab an earlier train than expected so we arrived at the gallery before opening and joined the back of a massive queue. Once in the gallery, we collected our tickets and had a quick wander around the empty rooms for half an hour before we could enter the main exhibition in our allocated slot.

The van Gogh rooms were absolutely packed full of people. We decided not to rent an audio pack because we wanted to be able to walk around the exhibition at our own pace and take everything in by ourselves. I couldn’t wait to see Starry Night and the Sunflowers in person. They were much smaller than I anticipated, but so beautiful up close.


One really good thing about this exhibition was that it included the works of other artists who inspired – or were inspired by – van Gogh’s work. It was really interesting to see how different artists took inspiration from each other, communicated with one another and appreciated the works of other artists. I also loved seeing some of the original drawings involved in the thought process behind the finished paintings.

This exhibition was beautiful and wonderfully curated, with a natural flow through each of the rooms. However, I probably wouldn’t have bought a ticket at full price as a few of my favourite van Gogh paintings weren’t present, and the rooms were absolutely crammed with people – so it was really difficult to get up close to a painting without someone in the way… or getting in the way of someone yourself. And of course, there was also the token screaming child making its way through the gallery with us!


Have you been to this exhibition?

Song Recommendation:

Chris Isaak –> Wicked Game


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