Cambridge Museums: Zoology and Sedgwick

Despite studying Zoology for the past 3 years, I still get excited at the thought of visiting museums dedicated to my field of study. My lovely boyfriend decided to plan a  Saturday of burgers, shopping and museums – and it was fabulous. I’d never been to the Sedgwick archaeology museum or the Zoology museum in Cambridge, so I was really looking forward to a day of walking around and viewing interesting specimens.


As part of my University course, earlier in the year my cohort was scheduled to visit the Sedgwick museum, but unfortunately our trip was later cancelled. However, I wanted to visit the Sedgwick anyway because I didn’t want to miss out on a potentially useful experience. Despite not being able to make this trip with my Uni friends, it was actually really nice to be able to wander around with my boyfriend, chat about nonsense and take everything in at my own pace instead of following a trip itinerary. The archaeology museum was packed to the rim with various rock and bone specimens but we were in and out of the building fairly quickly, simply because we couldn’t wait to head to the – in my opinion – far more exciting Zoology museum.


In contrast to the wooden cabinets and fossil displays of the Sedgwick, the Zoology museum was huge, modern and full of really interesting exhibits. I could have happily set up camp and sat in there for a good few hours more. I didn’t realise there would be so many Cetacean specimens hanging from the ceiling – the baleen whale in the entrance was one of my particular favourites, but I struggled to get a good photo even when we stood on the mezzanine. The wet specimens, human evolution display and sea bird dioramas were particularly fascinating, and I’ve filled my camera roll with hundreds of photos. I absolutely loved it and I would go back tomorrow if I could drag the boyfriend with me…


Have you visited either of these museums before?

Song Recommendation:

Chuck Berry –> You Never Can Tell


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