QodLumin – Luminarium in Lincoln

Created by British artists Alan Parkinson, QodLumin is a huge inflatable maze of tunnels, pods and alcoves. This Luminarium seemed to suddenly appear on campus at my University a few days ago, and I was lucky enough to visit it with a few of my friends in between lectures.

In all honestly, when we first saw what looked to be a giant bouncy castle, we weren’t sure whether we would enjoy it or whether it would be worth the Β£5 per ticket (as students we like to conserve our loose change for McDonalds or sandwiches from the Quad…). However, as soon as we stepped into the first blow-up cavern, we realised that this was an interactive art experience that we really shouldn’t miss.

Originally we thought that the red, blue and green hues were created by LED strip lights in the ceiling, but after a while, we found that the “lights” we were seeing was simply the Sun shining through the thin, coloured material. I don’t really know how to explain the experience, but it was like walking through some kind of space ship in a Sci-fi movie, or standing in the glow of a stained glass window. The experience was supposed to last around 20 minutes, but I think we were walking around for much longer than that. We couldn’t stop returning to the coloured caverns simply to sit, take photos or stand for minute. Despite a few kids running around, it was very peaceful, and I think all of us felt like we were separated from the outside world for a while – and this was perfect for me because it meant I could forget about my 3 hour lab session for a bit.

If anything like this pops up around my home City after I move back home during Summer, I’ll be sure to make a visit and take many more photos. I love art installations, and this has been my favourite interactive art experience so far.

Have you been to anything like this before?

Song Recommendation:

Johnny Cash –> Hurt



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