A Pearl Necklace – Tiger Store

After three months away, I’ve finally started a new Semester at University and have the tiniest bit of free time to begin writing blog posts again.

I thought I’d start my new series of posts by writing about a small £5 set you can buy from Tiger stores in the UK (Also known as Tiger Tiger and Flying Tiger). After seeing a Pearl Factory pop-up store in a hotel in Las Vegas, I knew I wanted to buy a pearl oyster and necklace. However, I wasn’t really prepared to spend $45 on a pendant (and my budget didn’t really allow for that either). One of my friends kindly bought me a Tiger pearl and necklace set for Secret Santa, so when I returned from America, I decided to finally open it up and create the necklace.

Tiger pearl necklace set – £5

I’d actually bought myself one of these sets before, but as I’ve since lost the necklace, I was more than happy to receive another one. Inside the set there is a can with an oyster and pearl, instruction booklet, small spatula to open the shell and a necklace and chain setting to keep the pearl in. When I bought my first set a few years ago, I received a real oyster in a can. However, I was surprised to find that although the pearl is still real, the “oyster” is now a plastic shell. I’m guessing this replacement has something to do with health and safety or storage issues. But either way, the lack of real oyster doesn’t really affect the product and for the price it is still a bargain – plus you don’t have to throw away an actual oyster and have the fishy smell lingering in the bin…

Once you open the oyster “shell”, you find a small pearl that can be any size, shape and one of 5 colours. The locket is perfectly designed to show off the pearl really well, and it can’t be opened when on the chain, so there is no chance of losing your pearl from the necklace.

Pearl colours available

When I opened my oyster, I received a small white pearl. Although I would have preferred a black or purple oyster, the colour of the pearl is left to chance and to be honest, I love the novelty factor and the surprise of not knowing what colour you will receive.

The chain isn’t brilliant quality – obviously for the price it isn’t silver-plated – but I don’t think that detracts from the look of the necklace, and I’ve been layering it with other gemstone necklaces this week for a look that actually makes it look more expensive.

I’ve found that this set is a much cheaper alternative to the Pearl Factory offering of a very similar necklace and actual oyster with pearl for $45.99 (before tax). The Tiger necklace may not be Stirling silver, but I’m much happier with the £5 price tag, and the enjoyment I had opening the “oyster” and putting my necklace together would have been the same either way.

Pearl Factory necklace and pearl set

Have you bought this set from Tiger before?

Song Recommendation:

Terence Trent D’Arby –> If You Let Me Stay


Pearl Factory image from –>  https://www.pearl-factory.com/gift-oysters/gift-oyster-with-sterling-silver-cage-pendant-and-00006?returnurl=%2fgift-oysters%2f

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