5 August Favourites

After a few weeks of soaking up the Sun, planning my University trip to Chile and spending some time with the boyfriend, I’m finally back for some blogging action. I don’t know where the Summer has gone, but we’re now on the verge of Autumn and the days are getting colder. What better time to write a short post about my Augustfavourites?

  1. Junkyard Golf

I’d never been to anything like this before, but the boyfriend decided to take me on a double date to London for a game of Junkyard Golf – and of course I didn’t refuse. We played the 9-hole Bozo clown-themed course which thankfully wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. I failed miserably because I lack hand-eye co-ordination, but I still enjoyed hitting golf balls through clown cannons and over carousels. The London location we visited has 4 different courses – Bozo (Clowns), Gary (90’s Scrapyard), Pablo (Jungle) and Bruce (Movie-Mashup).

The building itself wasn’t what I expected at all. After showing your ID (you have to be over 18) and walking down the stairs, you’re greeted by neon lights, club music and a mixture of stilettos and trainers. Junkyard Golf is basically a cross between a nightclub and a crazy golf course with a few bars scattered between the different themed holes. It’s absolutely crazy but it makes for a great night out with friends. I’d go again in a heart-beat but would want to try a different course (possibly Bruce because I love movies!).

Have you visited before?

2. Beaded Bags

I know these are usually a Summer trend amongst bloggers, but I want to continue using beaded bags well into Winter! Instead of the cream and white tones I’ve seen over the warmer months, I’ll be sticking with black beads mainly, with the odd brightly coloured bag thrown in for good measure. They’re just really versatile and somehow make it look like you’ve put far much more effort into an outfit than you actually have!

3. Patterned Trousers

I have fallen in love with patterned trousers this month! My wardrobe is now bursting with tartan, plaid and gingham – and I think it looks amazing. Recently I’ve been wearing these trousers with bandeau tops and sandals but I can easily swap these for jumpers and boots, so I’ll continue wearing these busy trousers through the Autumn and Winter months as well.


4. Dr Martens

If I had my way, Dr Martens would be on every monthly favourites list I write. I have about 11 pairs and numerous pieces of clothing – and I’m still buying more! However, I have decided to add these to my list today because my Mum has finally started wearing them as well – so now we can match! I have spent so long trying to convert my family into Dr Martens fans and it’s finally paying off! She now owns these red babies, 2 pairs of sandals and a pair of ballet pumps – I feel like my job here is done…


5. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are pretty much a staple in my life as a University student and should be in every favourites list I write. However, it was the milkshakes that secured them a place in this list today! Have you ever tried a Lotus Biscoff milkshake? They’re to die for! The boyfriend and I decided to try the Cookies and Cream, Chocolate and Lotus Biscoff flavours during a spontaneous trip to the drive thru, and although we had to roll away with our full bellies, we did not regret it one bit! Of course we had to add a box of doughnut bites to our order as well… (Yum!)

What are your September favourites?

Song Recommendation:

David Bowie –> Modern Love




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