Urban Decay Vice – Review

I seem to have enough eyeshadow palettes to fill at least two of my dressing table drawers – but does that stop me from buying more of them? Clearly not… Urban Decay is my favourite brand for all things eye-makeup, but sadly my student budget doesn’t always allow for the relatively high-end purchases I desire. However, a few weeks ago, Depop came to the rescue and allowed me to buy the Vice 3 palette for £15, so of course I had to snap it up straight away.

(I love the outer design)

Initially I was unsure as to whether I actually wanted to own this palette. I love neutral tones and wearable shades that are acceptable for both lectures and nights out, so the blue/green/pink tones in this palette worried me a bit. (I’ve only just jumped onto the rose gold eyeshadow trend because I deemed it to be “out of my comfort zone” – so obviously I’m not that adventurous with my makeup looks). The need to experiment is one of the reasons I decided to buy the palette in the first place – I decided that I wanted to make full use of the range of tones I already own in different palettes, but also expand the variety of colours available to me.

The palette comes with its own branded sleeve

In a strange way, I actually prefer buying second-hand makeup. Whenever I buy something brand new, I never want to “ruin” it by actually using it! I prefer to keep everything looking clean and untouched – which is obviously a complete waste of money and product. Therefore, I’ve started buying second-hand products which I’m much less reluctant to use – especially if they already have some product missing. Even I don’t know my own reasoning for this…


I’m especially keen to create some new looks using the green and pink tones in this palette. I love Urban Decay for their high colour payout and long-lasting formulas – and this palette seems to be no different from the others I have tried. However, as you can see from my swatches below, the colour depth isn’t what I thought it would be, and the brighter colours seem a lot darker on the skin. However, I always find darker colours to be more versatile and the colours seem blendable so I won’t complain. My main concern is the amount of fall out I had from the shades while swatching. The last thing I want is coloured powder falling down my face throughout the day, so I’ll have to see how it wears rather than how it comes across in swatches.

Have you tried and Urban Decay palette before?

Song Recommendation:

Phil Collins –> Easy Lover


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