Pink Parcel – August

By now I think every reader of this blog knows all about my love for subscription boxes. I usually try to buy one a month – from varying subscription services – based on the product and theme previews posted on social media before the boxes are released. This month, Glossy Box’s Pride edition caught my eye, but I didn’t think it could compete with the contents and value for money of Pink Parcel – especially with the discount code it had! Pink Parcel is usually £12.99, which is slightly more expensive than the other boxes   but is still brilliant value. However, Pink Parcel was offering August’s box for £5 – and for that price I simply couldn’t resist.

It’s been a long time since I actually felt excited to open a subscription box

I didn’t realise how massive the Pink Parcel box actually was! It is much larger than the other subscription boxes I’ve had in the past and is filled with 4 (usually 3) smaller boxes. I love it!


I received this small note in my box saying that the usual bag for sanitary products wasn’t included due to the high demand for boxes. As I know I’ll be buying another box soon, I don’t mind missing out just this once. It’s also nice to receive an explanation.

I thought this little notice was a really nice touch. Being able to send off unused sanitary products (for free) to help fight period poverty is such a good idea! I’ll definitely be sending mine in the included free-post envelope.


Apart from the usual sanitary products (you can choose your brand, type and style online) you also receive a tea bag, sweet treat and a few beauty products to make that time of the month slightly more enjoyable:

1. The sweet treat this month was a bag of Candy Kittens Eton Mess. This brand has been on my radar for months because TopShop and TK Maxx both sell these sweets next to the tills in their stores. I’m looking forward to giving these a go – Eton Mess is a favourite flavour of mine anyway and the design is really cute.


2. The “tea bag” this month is actually coffee. I’d seen a few reviews online asking for coffee instead of tea, so it’s really nice that Pink Parcel actually listen to the requests of their customers. I don’t drink coffee (or tea for that matter), so I’ve given this to my Mum, but I love the packaging!


3. The first beauty product I took from the box is the Laritzy glow pot. According to Pink Parcel’s Instagram feed, there are 5 shades available in their boxes – but unlike with Birch Box, you are unable to pick which one you want, so that’s not as great. However, I received the shade “Glory”, which is a gorgeous gold colour! It looks like a really creamy formula and the colour seems wearable so I’m looking forward to testing this out.

4. The face mask I received is from Space Masks. I’ve never tried a self-heating eye mask before but the description seems really interesting and I feel like this would be a great mask to try just before I go back to Uni – especially if it’s as “other-worldly” as the packet suggests.


5. This SebaMed clear face mattifying cream was one of the products I was most looking forward to. This is just a sample size, but it will be good to see if it actually works before I think about buying the full product as my skin is prone to break-outs during “that time of the month”.


6. I’ve never heard of the brand Oryza before, but I think an all-purpose skin, lip and nail balm will be really useful. It’s for sensitive skin, contains UVA and UVB filters and is supposed to add a dewy glow to makeup. All of these factors make this a perfect product for me, so I’ll definitely be giving this a go over the next few weeks.


7. This English Laundry perfume was actually the product that persuaded me to get August’s box in the first place. I love receiving perfumes in beauty boxes because I like finding new brands and trying new scents. This bottle is the perfect size to pop into my Uni bag and I love the smell! It’s fresh and not too floral – definitely something I’d wear everyday.

Have you tried Pink Parcel before?

Song Recommendation:

Peace –> LoveSick




4 thoughts on “Pink Parcel – August

    1. I think that’s why I haven’t bought one before to be honest. I needed to see a good value box with more than one interesting product – which I think they delivered this month. Would definitely buy a similar box in the future 🙂

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    1. I know! Would definitely buy more of the boxes if I knew I was able to use more discount codes. And I think being able to help end period poverty is a really great thing to get involved with as well 🙂

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