5 Days in Spain – Photo-book

Whilst I’m trying really hard to make progress with my dissertation research (procrastinating), knowing that Laurie is still in Spain is making it super difficult – I just want to be back in the 30 degree heat!! So, what better way to reminisce than a post that groups together all of the photos from my time away?!

Day 1 – After what felt like the longest wait EVER, we finally touched down at Castellón airport. After spending most of my time on the flight asleep, I was feeling ready to stretch my legs and explore. We planned to go straight to the villa for a quick freshen up, and then to the market in the village. The market was along a little side street that led down to the sea front, and it was much bigger than I was expecting it to be. It was packed with clothes and lots of handmade trinkets, as well as food and drink stalls. It was nice to start the trip off with something a little authentic.


Day 2 – After a late night, day 2 was made for sunbathing by the pool. We nipped out for lunch by the sea (which was DELICIOUS), and then had a chilled afternoon back at the villa. In the evening, we went to a place called ‘El Patio’ for dinner. The restaurant was tucked away on a little street not too far from the sea front, and had a lovely upstairs dining area out on the patio (hence, ‘El patio’ – of course).


Day 3 – The most exciting day of all – a trip to VALENCIA! Although it meant we had to get an early start, it was well worth it! Valencia, you did not disappoint. The architecture of the city almost had a Parisian feel to it – it was beautiful! Being home to one of the biggest urban parks in Spain, Jardín del Turia, the city had quite a ‘green’ feel about it – which we discovered after opting for a 40 minute walk to the aquarium (LOL). We spent most of the day in the aquarium (incredible) and then headed into the centre for food and a quick visit to Valencia’s Cathedral – SUCCESS!


Day 4 – After an early dip in the pool, we risked our lives in our little fiat panda and drove to the top of the mountains to the monastery (we nearly had to get out and push it). We stopped for lunch on the way, and the food was AMAZING – not to mention the views!


Day 5 – What better way to end the holiday than with a huge portion of paella and fideua by the sea?! I have tried more seafood in a week than I have in my whole life, and I have LOVED it!


Obviously I was sad to leave the sun behind, but I have had a real good time catching up with everyone back at home. It felt amazing to escape from uni work, and even better to explore a new part of the world.

Where are you going on holiday this year?

Song Recommendation:

Tame Impala, Soulwax -> Let It Happen (Soulwax Remix)


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