Summer Beauty Essentials

The beauty products I use at different times of the year don’t really tend to differ massively. The only things that really change are the actual amounts of product I apply and (occasionally) the colour schemes for eyeshadow, lipstick and eyeliner.

However, due to the 100ml liquid restrictions when travelling by plane, my makeup bag sees a great reduction in it’s contents, so only the essentials can fly with me. Here is a quick run through of the products I wouldn’t be able to live without on holiday…


Moisturiser – 

The first item on my list is Eucerin moisturiser. Before I arrived in Spain, I’d never actually heard of this brand before – but a quick trip to the Pharmacy for a new moisturiser quickly rectified that. As boring as it sounds, this moisturiser is probably the best I’ve ever tried, so I’m definitely going to have to see if I can source it back in England. It dries super quickly with a matte finish and does exactly what it says on the front – controls oil – and this is perfect for me, especially in a much hotter country when I’m sweating glowing all the time..!


Aloe Vera Gel –

Due to the 100ml allowance, I had to decant some of my trusty aloe vera gel into a smaller container – I just couldn’t leave home without it! I absolutely love aloe vera gel and use it for everything. As there is a very real chance I’ll get sunburnt on at least one occasion this holiday, aloe vera is a definite must-have – but it is also very useful for taming skin flare-ups as well. Natural, multi-purpose products are all hits with me, and this gel is one of my favourites.


Cleanser –

I re-discovered this little Fresh cleanser when I was clearing out the box of spare beauty products I keep under my bed… Oops! I wasn’t planning on using it at all, but for some reason, I opened the lid – and I fell in love with the smell straight away. The scent alone convinced me to try it and I’m so glad I did! The soy and cucumber formula (with added amino acids) is really gentle (even on my sensitive skin) and leaves my face feeling so soft and radiant. I’m convinced that the pores on my cheeks have reduced in size as well! I don’t know how I survived without this product, but I’ll be re-buying it straight away.


One Step Correct –

I’ve mentioned this little Stila corrector in a blog post before, but it has since become a makeup bag staple for me. It’s not life-changing and it doesn’t make a massive difference to the red flare ups I occasionally suffer from, but it provides a great base for my foundation and it does help to reduce the visibility of the dark circles under my eyes. I would re-buy this again, but I still think that the £25 price tag is a bit steep, so I may have to wait a while after this runs out.


Eyeliner –

Another Stila product. This eyeliner was bought in my Stila haul a few months ago, but I’ve only just opened it to replace my last liner. My old kohl eyeliner was smudging more and more as the weather got warmer, so I swapped to this with the hope that less product would be sliding down my face. The staying power of this is slightly better, although I still have to make a few touch-ups and corrections throughout the day… I like the shimmery, soft formula and the twist-for-more-product packaging, so I probably would re-purchase – but don’t expect a spectacular eyeliner if you buy this.


Mascara –

I bought this L’Oreal Voluminous mascara from Superdrug specifically for this holiday  because mascara has always been a Summer essential for me. However, this particular product probably isn’t my ideal version of a holiday mascara, simply because it is not waterproof, it occasionally clumps (even though “no clumping” is written on the side) and it doesn’t extend my lashes as well as previous mascaras I have tried. I wouldn’t wear this mascara to the beach because it would be down my cheeks as soon as one wave passed me by. This product would probably be fine for the UK, but definitely not for Spain sadly.

Blush –

My lovely I Heart Makeup blush has been with me on the last three holidays I’ve been on. I actually prefer wearing it in hotter countries because it contains the slightest shimmer of highlight – and this is especially attractive when you’re out in the Sun as it looks really natural and glow-y. I don’t actually like the highlight as much in England because I feel like it makes me look even more ghostly and/or oily than I am – but when I have a tan I absolutely love it!


Eyeshadow Palette –

Instead of my gorgeous Urban Decay NYC palette, I decided to crack open my small Stila “Eyes Are The Window – Spirit” palette. I decided to switch to this particular palette because it has a range of 12 colours spanning across brown, burgundy, and grey hues, with a few shimmery gold and silver colours thrown in for good measure. The range of tones coupled with matte and shimmer finishes and the compact nature of the palette made it the perfect candidate to take on holiday – it also fits in my makeup bag which is a massive bonus!

Translucent Powder –

This Rimmel Insta Matte powder is another favourite of mine for use all year. It’s not overly mattifying, but it keeps oil and sweat at bay without making me look unnaturally shine-free on the hottest of days. I feel confident enough that it will keep my concealer in place during holiday and that’s all I can ask for really *insert shrug emoji here*.


Liquid Lipstick –

A liquid lipstick is always my preferred weapon of choice for when I’m on holiday. When I’m in Spain I know I’ll be eating/ swimming/ drinking 90% of the time – and no-one has time to re-apply lipstick 24/7. One application of L’Oreal liquid lipstick in the morning, and I’m pretty much set for the whole day, which is brilliant for when you’re out and about or shovelling un-Godly amounts of ice-cream into your mouth…


Concealer And Foundation –

Despite the glorious weather, my skin still has the occasional breakout or complete meltdown, so sadly, there are some days where concealer and foundation are much needed. While I don’t want to be wearing a full face of makeup on holiday, I don’t mind attacking certain problem areas with concealer and foundation, so these are both essential products for me – even if I don’t want them to be!

The Dream Team

Perfume –

I’ve got to thank my Mum for this one because for my holiday she presented me with a travel version of a Chanel No. 5 atomiser, which is brilliant for popping into my handbag to spritz during a night out. I love perfume but I never want to spend massive amounts of money on nice scents (and clearly I have expensive taste) so I was very thankful that this was given to me just before travelling.


What are your essential holiday products?

Song Recommendation:

David Bowie –> Blue Jean




2 thoughts on “Summer Beauty Essentials

    1. I really recommend the cleanser! Still can’t get over the scent tbh 😂 I love the packaging too (probably why I bought them 👀) but the actual products are fab too 👌

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