Skinny Dip Haul

I haven’t come across a single person who doesn’t love Skinny Dip products – they’re full of fun, novelty and bucket loads of sass and glitter. Their Summer sale is always fabulous, and I’ve always picked up a few bargains in the past, so I decided to turn to Skinny Dip to help kit me out with a few bits for my next year at Uni. With sale prices, free delivery over £20 and a student discount code, I was ready to fill my basket with everything I needed (and really didn’t need) for the year ahead.

Luggage Tag – £4

The first item I added to my basket was this super cute watermelon luggage tag, which is perfect for both my holiday to Spain and my University trip to Chile. I’m forever paranoid about my luggage going missing, so this little tag is perfect for easily recognising my plain grey suitcase, and for keeping all my details attached to my travel backpack!

Shell Keyring – £2

Although this definitely wasn’t a necessity, I decided to add this little water-filled keyring to my basket because I really struggled to build the cost up to £20 for free delivery! I’d already found everything I needed, so I had a couple of pounds left over to spend on a few little extras – which I was more than happy to do. I think this little keyring will end up adding a bit of sparkle to my laptop case, but it would look great on a beach bag or tote as well.


Retractable Lip Brush – £3.50

This was another purchase I didn’t really need, but I had actually been looking for a lip brush anyway to help apply some of my non-liquid lipsticks – specifically my Stila outlet purchases from a few months back. I really liked the retractable design, slogan and pink/gold colour scheme, so decided to treat myself to it. The brushes are soft and synthetic, and the casing is relatively heavy. The only problem I have with it so far is that the gold case gets scratched really easily – especially when you retract the brush back inside. For £3.50 I can’t really complain, but it is a bit annoying. – and I don’t think I would have wanted to pay full price for it.

Set Of 2 Pens – £2

If you’re anything like me, you’re always losing pens – and that 100 pack of plain black biros is long gone before the first semester has even ended… I thought I’d buy this gorgeous 2 pack to force myself to look after my pens, and maybe even convince myself to do some proper revision notes… This pack has a rose gold colour scheme – one with black and pink starry smiley faces, and one with the slogan “Forever Avoiding Weekdays” down the side. These pens actually match the planner I also bought in this haul, so I’m really looking forward to getting myself organised with all the lovely new stationery pieces I’ve ended up with.


“Still Killin’ It” Large Notebook – £4

I’m a sucker for notebooks. As a kid, I had hundreds lying round the house but never wanted to “ruin” them by writing/ drawing anything in them. This one will be different. I’ve bought this lined book specifically for lecture notes and dissertation ideas, and I’m determined to keep myself organised and on-track for this final year of University.

“Plans To Avoid Weekdays” Diary – £6

I miss the days of school planners. I think I was most organised during my last year of Sixth Form at school, and things seem to have gone downhill from there. I’ve never gotten used to life without a planner, so I decided to pick this one up in the sale in an attempt to get my life back on track! Despite the sticker on the front of this book, this is a proper diary with no lined pages – simply to-do lists and open spaces for writing down plans and assignment due dates. This is perfect for me and I have never been so excited to start a new diary!

Dropout Desk Planner – £2

The layout of this planner is very similar to that of the diary, but this is a desk planner which will be great for keeping out on my dressing table and using to review the week ahead when it is needed. The diary will be kept in my Uni bag, but this will be much more accessible for when I need to check on assignment dates and dissertation deadlines.

Finally, as a cute little add-on, I received this “#HateSucks” postcard and button badge. I haven’t decided where the badge will go, but this postcard will be coming back to Uni with me to take prime position on my pinboard. I love things like this!


Have you bought anything from Skinny Dip recently?

Song Recommendation:

WhiteSnake –> Is This Love?



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