Successful Summer Shop

After a busy couple of months spent shopping and catching up with people here, there, and everywhere, I finally managed to put some money aside to do a much needed clothes shop for my holiday… WOOHOO! I hate hate HATE wearing summer clothes because they are far too revealing for someone as self conscious as myself – BUT, I have not been clothes shopping in forever, and with 25+ degree weather in England and my Spanish holiday coming up, I decided to take the plunge and, of course,  managed to get carried away (I can’t help myself). I have also been hiding under more black clothes than ever recently, so I really wanted to pick up at least a couple of things that add a nice pop of colour.

Let’s start with the clothes…

The first item to fall into my basket was this lovely little BLUE DENIM (not black) skirt from Topshop (£29). I have been wanting a blue denim skirt in this style for such a long time, so no way was I going to refuse this – especially with it being in a petite size as well! This will be perfect for holiday as it can be paired with any cami or vest top, and can be dressed up or down. Because it is so versatile, it can work with lots of different outfits -meaning it’s perfect for packing light!


In typical fashion, whatever I buy in blue denim I always want in black (damn, 0 willpower). So on finding another denim skirt (£29) in MY SIZE and in PETITE (never happens), I just had to take it. This will be perfect for those evenings where I’ve fallen asleep before dinner and woken up late with only 15 minutes to get ready… black denim + nice top = effort made.


After my bank balance took a slight hit with the Topshop denim, I headed over to Primark. I was actually disappointed with what Primark had to offer *cries* – however I did find a couple of gems. I love long and ‘floaty’ bottoms – whether they’re skirts or trousers – so when I spotted this gypsy-style skirt (£10) I just had to try it on! The skirt is quite simple with a tasteful bit of detail around the middle area, and is only a thin material which will be perfect in the heat. It’s a lovely red colour, not too bright, and will pair perfectly with a red lip. Every time I wear red I love it, so i’m happy to add a bit more to my wardrobe.


After leaving the changing rooms through the pyjama department, I found a cute little cropped vest top with some lace detail around the bottom (£2.50). This is the ultimate holiday top as it has hidden support. Girls, we all know what this means… NO BRA NECESSARY!!!  I know it’s black (fail) BUT the length means that it sits perfectly with the skirt.


Next I was on the hunt for the only thing I was actually looking for –  a black bardot top (the original exception to the avoidance of black). I headed to New Look, and I am so glad I did because I stumbled upon a selection where you could pick two tops for £8 – and a black bardot was one of them! For the second, it would have been rude not to pick up a green halter to match the stripe down the side of my denim skirt – right? Bardot tops go with almost e v e r y t h i n g, and are an absolute Summer-wardrobe must have. This black one is super nice as it has a frill design along all of the hems. As for the halter, I’m usually 100% against having my arms out so this is a new style for me. I tried it on and loved it, so fingers crossed a tan makes it look even better! And, IT’S GREEN!


On my way out of town I had a little browse in Fat Facebig mistake. I have recently found a love for Fat Face so I should have just stayed away – but I spotted a wonderful linen dress in khaki (£59), and by wonderful, I mean the simple-Summer-dress of dreams. It’s a relaxed-fit swing dress, and is so cool and comfortable (I have fallen in love). I was going to be sensible and leave it behind, but when my friend offered me a mad discount – how could I refuse?!?!


Next up is probably my favourite holiday item. I ordered this a few months ago (hence why it’s black) but I just HAD to include it in this post. This jumpsuit was from ASOS (£22) and I LOVE it! I have broken holiday rules and worn it before my holiday (oops), but it looks so good on it’s own or with a white tee or a long sleeved mesh top underneath. I have also worn a belt around the middle to nip it in at the waist in order to dress it up a little bit. It doesn’t need too much dressing up though, as this jumpsuit is the literal description of  “business in the front, party in the back”.


Now for the accessories (told you I got carried away)…

First up is this simple straw bag I ordered a few months back from H&M (£19.99). This bag is the perfect size for me as I want to double it up as both a beach bag and a little carry-on for the plane. The neutral colour means I can pair it with any outfit at any time of day, so great value for money really!


Gold jewellery always looks best with a tan, so I really wanted to find some cheap gold costume jewellery that I could layer up over my outfits – H&M (£9.99) had the perfect set! The set comes with three separate chains, so can either be worn together or separately depending on the neckline of your outfit. The set is really simple and is exactly what I was after. SORTED!

To match the gold necklace, I wanted to pick up some more gold earrings. I stumbled upon these gold hoops in New Look reduced to £2! I love the little bits of detail around the hoop and are just a little bit extra than my usual hoops.


I am partial to the odd piece of headgear every now and then, so I really did want a headband of some description to wear around the pool. I picked up this black band with a wooden-look ring form New Look (£4.99), and is perfect for what I had in mind – I just hope I can pull it off!


So, that’s just about it for my holiday shopping – all that’s left to do now is pack (help). Hopefully I get round to painting my nails before then as well (apologies for the awful looking nail varnish, self care has been on the back-burner this week).

What are your favourite holiday purchases?

Song Recommendation:

Corella –> Barcelona Girl 



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