2017 Christmas Has Finally Arrived..!

It has now been over 8 months since I first began ordering my birthday and Christmas presents using the money given to me by my parents. However, my Bill Skinner jewellery set and small collection of Stila beauty products never arrived, so I’d had to unhappily resign myself to a £70 loss and a severe lack of Christmas jewellery. To be honest, I was left feeling like I’d been duped/ scammed because I’d used eBay and a lesser-known, smaller online beauty store – and as I’d had to stick to a budget, I was left out of pocket and unable to re-order the items I loved from other websites. Not happy at all!


…After 8 months of waiting, today – completely out of the blue – both the jewellery and the makeup showed up in the post?! I’m so happy that my money wasn’t wasted, but I’m definitely surprised that they’ve finally arrived – and in perfect condition! Where have they been for so long?

Bill Skinner Spider Set

Bill Skinner is still my absolute favourite jewellery designer. I’m constantly on the BS website making never-ending wish lists and looking for discount codes online because unfortunately, I can’t always afford to buy every item in a set I want. So when I finally came across the gold and swarovski crystal spider set complete with necklace, ring and bangle for £43 on eBay, I jumped at the chance and bought it straight away. You can therefore understand my disappointment when – after 3 weeks of waiting – it never turned up (even after emailing the seller and phoning Royal Mail). 

However, now the pieces are finally in my hands (and on my wrists) I’m absolutely thrilled and completely loving them. I know they won’t be everyone’s idea of gorgeous costume jewellery (looking at you arachnophobes out there) but as a Zoology student and bug-sympathiser, I really love the life-like details, intricate lines and the use of blue stones for the spider eyes. What’s not to like?

Stila Beauty Products

  1. Naturally Nude Lipstick Set

This trio is absolutely gorgeous. I chose to buy this particular set of 3 because I needed to find some long-lasting matte liquid lipsticks in tones that would suit my pale skin. This set looked like it would tick every box for me – and now that it’s finally here I can confirm that it was definitely worth the wait! These shades are absolutely gorgeous and the finish is even better than I’d hoped for. The formula isn’t sticky or drying – in fact, it feels like I’m not wearing any lipstick at all! The only complaint I have is the taste because it is very sweet and reminds me of jelly beans in a strange way. However, I’d buy these again in a heart beat – they’re definitely my new go-to favourites.


2. Glitterati Lipstick –> Shade “Splendide”

This was a slight gamble because I’m not used to pink/red lipstick shades or glittery formulas. This was at a discounted price, so I bit the bullet and added it to my cart. I’m actually really pleased that I went through with this purchase because it is a really gorgeous shade with a lovely soft finish – not full of little bits or glittery particles . The slight highlight effect that the glitter creates is wonderful and the berry tone is perfect for Summer!


3. Liquid Eyeshadow –> Shade “Rose Gold Retro”

Another spur of the moment purchase… I’ve never used a liquid eyeshadow in my life! I’m not even sure if I knew they existed to be honest. But again, I’m really pleased with this purchase. The gold glitter is universally flattering and would suit almost every skin tone. The formula itself is smooth and glides onto the eyelid wonderfully – even if the cold sensation is a bit of a shock at first..! However, the liquid dries quickly and shimmers beautifully on the eye. Even my Mum is now a fan!


Excuse the awful swatches – but look at the glow on this eyeshadow!

Do you like Stila and Bill Skinner?

Song Recommendation:

Kate Bush –> Running Up That Hill


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