June Birchbox (Part 1)

June Birchbox design and the free (March 2018) Birchbox design

In June, Birchbox turned 5 years old, so this month’s edition celebrates with a tea-party-themed collectable tin instead of the usual cardboard drawer. After missing out on the Look Fantastic birthday box last year, I decided to purchase this and managed to use a promotional code to bag myself a free surprise Birchbox as well (so the second part of this review will be posted within the next week or so).


  1. Model co. Crayon Eyeliner

I tend to stick to my grey and silver eyeliners simply because I’m not too keen on massive black lines around my eyes as I prefer a subtle smudge under my lower lashes.  However, I’ve seen a few of my Instagram crushes line their eyes completely with black on the the lash lines both above and below the eye – and I’m really liking this look at the moment, so I might use this new liner as an excuse to try it out…

2. Ella Eden Eyeshadow in “Julia”

Although I was able to pick which eyeshadow shade I wanted to receive, I chose the option “Surprise me”, because I couldn’t decide which shade I liked more! “Julia” is the paler shade of the two choices (“Julia” or “Faith”), but I’m secretly quite pleased that I received this particular shade because it is perfect for lighter Summer makeup looks, and I feel like it could be used as a base colour or completely on it’s own. I love receiving new eyeshadows, so I’m really glad this was included in the birthday box.


3. Polaar Velvety Sun Fluid

As I’m going on holiday in two weeks time, this is a fabulous product to receive. I already love the Polaar eye products I have received from other beauty boxes in the past, so I’m really looking forward to giving this a go. It will definitely be coming with me to Spain to keep this pale skin burn-free.


4. Number 4 Jour d’Automne Smoothing Balm

I’m not usually a fan of the hair products I receive from subscription boxes because I’m not too bothered about what I use to tame my hair – and I’d rather have makeup or skincare products in my drawers. However, this balm is supposed to protect against humidity and heat damage, which again makes it a wonderful product to take on holiday with me. I’ll be giving this a go as soon as I get to Spain, but at £24.50 for a full-sized bottle, it will have to be an incredible product to get me to re-purchase it!


5. Benefit POREfessional Pearl Primer

I’ve slightly strayed away from my beloved Stila BB cream over the last month because it is quite heavily tinted and I’d rather not cover my face in lots of different products and colours for me to sweat through in this hotter weather! This primer is much lighter, has a brightening pink pigment and also aims to reduce pores which will again minimise the need for extra layers of makeup. I’ll give this a try, and if it lives up to expectations, I’ll consider re-purchasing, but for £27.50 it is an expensive product once again.


6. Whittard Individual Tea Bags X3

This is an extra little treat that has been included to help celebrate the 5th birthday of Birchbox. Three flavours have been included: “Earl Grey”, “Mango and Bergamot” and “Lemon and Ginger”. I’m not actually a tea-drinker, so these will probably be gifted away to other people, but I love the box they came in – and I think the tea is a really nice finishing touch to this birthday box.

(I was able to write this blog post outside surrounded by dogs and fashion magazines. British Summer – I love you!)

What are your thoughts on the Birchbox birthday tin?

Song Recommendation:

Duran Duran –> The Reflex


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