Making The Most Of Summer

We spend all year waiting for the Summer holidays to arrive, and then in a matter of seconds the whole Season seems to be over, and we’re back to dragging our Winter coats out of the wardrobe. It is far too easy to waste the Summer months by staying inside, so I begin each Summer with a list of plans and thoughts to make the most of the Summer break – and I thought I’d share a few here for anyone struggling with ideas.

  1. Create A Book List

Because I spend so much time reading through massive piles of research papers and lecture notes, I am left very unwilling to pick up even one book to read for pleasure. However, Summer holidays present the perfect opportunity to get back into reading – and creating a reading list is the perfect place to start.

2. Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales are a fabulous way of earning money quickly. If you’re like me, you’ll have piles of unused products and clothes you no longer wear, so clear some space in your house and make some easy money by getting rid of things you no longer want or need.

3. Zoos And Aquariums

As a Zoology student, I absolutely love trips to zoos and aquariums. Pack a picnic to avoid the expensive food prices and spend the day taking photos, learning new things and immersing yourself in the wonders of the natural world.

4. Crafts

Anything involving crafts or DIY is a fun way to pass the time over Summer. Whether it’s building a bird house or painting a bedroom wall – put on an old shirt and throw yourself into a messy Summer project.

5. Community Festivals And Fairs

Usually with free entry, festivals and fairs provide great entertainment for everyone involved, and are especially fun when enjoyed with friends. Win a goldfish, ride the teacups or make yourself sick with candy floss – there’s always loads to do and I’ve never been to a fair I didn’t enjoy.

6. Free Events

Check your local newspapers or community websites for any free events occurring during the Summer period. Community events are usually family-friendly and a really good way to waste a few hours in the Sun.

7. Galleries And Museums

Again, these are often free – although you may have to pay for special events and exhibitions. It is easy to lose yourself for a couple of hours in local museums and galleries, and many will host workshops and demonstrations over the Summer period so it is worth checking websites and booking your place early.

8. Eurostar Trip

I would love to be able to jump on the Eurostar and head straight to Paris for a weekend away. If you’re not able to go abroad for a long holiday during Summer, this may be a great alternative.

9. Theme Parks

Who doesn’t love a theme park? Many of them offer 2 for 1 tickets if you book online or purchase certain products before-hand. Nowadays they cater for all ages, so there’s no excuse not to visit one with family or friends during Summer.

10. Camping

I’ve never been a huge fan of camping, but even I enjoy setting up a tent in the garden. Take some friends, light a campfire to roast marshmallows, and sleep under the stars. What could be better on those warm Summer nights?

11. Picnics

Picnics are super easy to do – and you could even buy a few Tesco meal deals and fresh fruit if you’re not into making your own sandwiches. Visit your local park and bring some outdoor games, a speaker and a cooler. Some of the best days are spent outside with good friends and good food, so pack a picnic and get going.

12. Barbecues 

A good barbecue is hard to beat, especially when it is spent with friends and family – even burnt sausages can’t ruin it.

13. Bike To Explore A City

There is nothing more exciting than exploring a new City, but it can be hard to cover large distances by walking alone, and you can often spend way too much money on taxis.  Hiring a bike and cycling through the City is a great way to see new places quickly and exercise at the same time.


14. Rent A Pedalo Or Boat

Renting a swan-shaped boat with friends was one of the last things I did in the Summer before I started my first year at University. As long as no-one falls in, it can be great fun and a relatively inexpensive way to spend an hour or two on the water.


15. Water Park Trip

Water parks are fantastic for adrenaline-filled days out, and even better for keeping cool in the Summer heat.

16. Centre Parcs

I love Centre Parcs. Renting a villa with friends or family for a few days is an amazing way to stay active and enjoy the fresh air. You can eat out, go swimming, book onto workshops and sports experiences or simply relax with a good book. There’s something for everyone, so there’s no reason not to go.

17. Netflix Nights

Sometimes you just can’t beat a good Netflix marathon – and popcorn, pizza and a binge-worthy series or blockbuster film are all you need for a great night in.

18. Crazy Golf

Even if you’re not usually a golf fan, this is still a fantastic way to have fun. It’s hilarious, anyone can play, and it gets you outdoors (which is always a bonus). I’ve played crazy golf every year on holiday and I still look forward to it now. What is there not to like?

19. Beach Trip

Despite my general loathing of sand and seagulls, I still enjoy a trip to any sort of beach. When complete with a fish and chip supper and an hour spent in the arcade, there can’t be anything much more enjoyable than that.

20. Garden Centre

As a child, I always looked forward to trips to the local garden centre. I loved visiting the small pets department to watch the hamsters and chinchillas, before picking out a small ornament or plant (usually a cactus) to take home. Garden centres are of course free to visit, but you usually come away with something amazing from the shop anyway. Perfect.


21. Bowling

I’ve never been good at bowling, and even at 20 years old I still need the barriers up – but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a few games followed by a turn on the air hockey table and burgers for dinner. The epitome of Summer.

22. Swimming

Whether it’s in a paddling pool, a local Lido or indoor pool, swimming is a great way to keep cool and feel like you’re in a fancy hotel or somewhere exotic. Yes you’ll be surrounded by screaming kids and inflatables, but embrace it and have fun.


23. Go-Karting

Go-karting terrifies me because I’m scared of anything too speedy… But I still somehow manage to enjoy it (although I mainly have to sit with my eyes closed whilst everyone else drives).

24. Scrapbooking / Bullet Journalling

Again, anything crafty is a fabulous way to pass the time and create something to enjoy in the future. I’ll be creating a scrapbook throughout the Summer and I can’t wait to get started.

25. Disposable Cameras 

Photos are incredibly easy to take, edit and delete on smart phones and digital cameras. However, you’re unable to see the photos taken on disposable cameras, so part of the excitement is in the development of the pictures when you get back from your day trip or holiday. I’m planning on creating an album with the photos I’ll take on disposable cameras over Summer.

26. Slumber Party

No-one is ever too old for a slumber party. What could be more fun than inviting a group of friends to watch films, eat way too much food and stay the night on blow-up beds?

27. Game Nights

Game nights are cheap and hilarious. I’ve already bought Cards Against Humanity and Game Of Life to start off with, but there are hundreds of other games I’d like to battle against the family with. As long as the gossip is good, the drinks are flowing and the food is fried, game night will be a success.

28. Stay In A Hotel In A New City

You don’t have to go abroad to stay in a hotel. Sometimes, just leaving your home City and travelling to a new town or village can be the perfect space for a night or two away.


29. Music Festivals

Music festivals are incredible. Pick one with artists you enjoy, go camping, and surround yourself with music and friends. Nothing can be better.

30. Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Warm weather acts as the perfect excuse to thin out your Winter wardrobe and reduce the amount of clothes you own. I keep aiming to create a capsule wardrobe but it can be difficult when there are so many pieces I love. Selling items online or donating warmer clothes to Charity can be a great way to start the decluttering.

What will you be doing over Summer?

Song Recommendation:

George Ezra –> Shotgun


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