Another Haul…

Yet another haul post… (Can you see where our student loans are going yet?)

This time, I’m talking about a mini haul consisting of a few products from Primark, Springfields Outlet and TK Maxx.


Eye masks –>

This was an essential purchase for me. The purple suitcases under my eyes seem to be growing larger by the day – and I have tried absolutely everything to get rid of them. These £1 eye masks are my last resort, and even if they don’t do too much to help, they’re still really relaxing and cooling so I can’t complain either way.

Exfoliator –>

Does anyone actually know if these work? I’ve seen so many variations of facial cleansing pads for sale but haven’t really seen any reviews. I’m on a bit of a skin clearing kick at the moment so I thought I’d give this a go for £1.50. Anything that helps to keep my skin looking clear is a hit with me, so I’m really hoping this works.


Eye patches –>

Yet another product to help combat these pesky dark circles. I’m a student and of course I’m constantly tired, so it doesn’t really surprise me that eye bags are becoming a problem – but I am definitely sick of them. This pack of 4 patches (2 uses) comes in at £1, and for that price you can’t argue at all. These were recommended to me by a friend who raves about them, so I can’t wait to test these out.


Bobby pins –>

Oh bobby pins, where do you go? I start out with hundreds of bobby pins at the beginning of every year but they all seem to disappear within a few weeks. This is a really basic purchase, but I love a good bobby pin to help nail down those fly-away hairs and stubborn curls.



Tigi lipsticks –>

These are probably my favourite purchases from the outlet. They should have been £12.99 each but were reduced to £2.99 each – bargainous! I’d been looking for a replacement for my Mac Frost lipstick, so when I saw the colour range and glossy finishes available, I just had to grab a few. I love everything about them – from the paper packaging and bullet design to the names and shades. I picked “Gossip”, “Honesty” and “Peace”, but could have bought about 5 other shades from the collection.


Stila BB cream –>

I also picked up a replacement Stila BB cream for £8. This has become a firm favourite in my makeup bag and I can’t go a day without it. It’s amazing for priming my skin before applying foundation and it is so lightweight that you can’t even feel it under makeup. It’s fabulous for reducing shine and keeping skin looking fresh. What’s not to love?


GAP hoodie –>

I was particularly ill when I went shopping, so I’m blaming my horrendous cold for this purchase. I was drawn to this hoodie simply because it looked so warm and snuggly. This is nothing like the type of clothing I’d usually choose, but I couldn’t face leaving the shop without it. It was reduced from £40 to £10, so it didn’t break the bank anyway. I now wear this instead of my dressing gown, and it’s wonderful for staying warm on these surprisingly cold Spring nights.


TK Maxx:

Ralph Lauren cardigan –>

This is a really versatile piece that I can imagine slinging on during late Summer nights and evening BBQs. It’s light weight with a slightly open knit and big pockets, so I can stash my phone and lipstick with no problems. I certainly wouldn’t have paid £140 for it, but for £9 it would have been rude to say no.

Song Recommendation:

The Traveling Wilburys –> Handle With Care


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