I Just Can’t Get Enough!

In a previous post I mentioned that I should shop in Next more, and I have later realised that this was a dangerous thing to suggest. Now, I like to stay true to my word – and as a result, I have gone Next mad (oops). What can I say? If an opportunity arises then I am most certainly NOT going to refuse. I found myself on an accidental shopping spree with my parents a couple of weeks ago, and stumbled upon a Next outlet store – yes, an OUTLET STORE. I have never seen so many bargains all under one roof! So here is a Next appreciation post, filled with bargains galore!

Bargain #1 – Shoes

Reduced to £4 from £55 – need I say more?! I was NOT leaving without these beauties. I don’t have any shoes like this as they are not something that I would usually wear, but with these being so cheap I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try this style out. They are such a flattering shape, and add the perfect amount of height for them to be deemed as suitable for every day wear. You can wear them with smart clothes to create a sophisticated look, or they can be put with other prints split with block colours, to create fun outfits that are a bit more ‘out-there’. They are also surprisingly comfy as well which is a bonus – I LOVE THESE SHOES.

Bargain #2 – Tailored Trousers

I fell in love with these trousers as soon as I saw them, so the fact that they were in the sale was even better! These trousers were meant to be around £30 (I think), but I picked them up for around £10-£15 pounds (I can’t remember, I was too busy running around grabbing bargains on a mad one). For trousers like these, paying £10-£15 is AMAZING as they are such good quality! They are a tailored fit which lots of stitching detail, and have a really flattering leg line. There are buttons on each side of the waist, allowing you to nip them in a little more – add a chunky black belt and they just look incredible. Their wide leg adds length, and so pairing these with a pair of platform boots means that even I can glide around like a 6ft model (I can dream). Next sizing seems to be pretty much perfect for me, so these trousers fit INSAAANELY well, and really outline my figure. As it’s been cold, I have been wearing these with a black jumper, black boots, and a long black coat. But when the weather e v e n t u a l l y starts to get warmer, I plan to wear them with an oversized cream blouse and a thin trenchcoat thrown over the top.

Bargain #3 – Jeans

At £2 a pair it would be rude not to buy 2 pairs – right? Weeeeeell, that’s what I did anyway. I have been in desperate need of some new jeans since none of mine fit me well anymore. Buying jeans is such a pain for me, as no matter where I go I seem to be in-between two sizes – UGH. They will gape around the waist yet fit my bum, or be too small to fit my bum but be the perfect waist measurement – it’s a nightmare. But finally, I have found a place where the sizing suits me (hence why I am still going to be raving about Next in like 2 years time or something). These jeans are the PERFECT. FIT. They also have a belt loop at the back in the centre which means, NO GAPING!! I really like the style of them as well – they’re cropped and so don’t make me look too stumpy, and have a distressed hem so that they don’t sit too structured at the bottom. I find that trainers suit them best, but I have also worm them with Dr Martens as well as heeled boots – they’re just so versatile (like any good pair of jeans I guess). Happy days.

Bargain #4 – Jumper

This is a little bit less of a bargain, but one nonetheless. This jumper was meant to be around £20, but I got it for just under £10 – so just more than half-price. This is a cute little jumper that can be paired with any number of things for an easy-to-wear outfit. It can be layered with jumpers and jackets when it’s cold, or worn on its own when it’s warmer. Jumpers in this style will never go out of fashion, they go with skirts, shorts, jeans, and trousers, and the slightly higher neck can make anyone’s face seem more ‘chiselled’. I love the colour of this jumper – oranges and golds are my favourite – and the slight sparkle is a great way to get a bit of glitter in your life!

So, all in all, I’d say it was a pretty successful trip – unexpected sprees always seem to present the best bargains, especially in Next (apparently). If, like me, you struggle to find jeans that fit – PLEASE go give Next a try! Just make sure you set yourself a budget because it WILL get out of hand!

Have you picked up any bargains recently?

Song Recommendation:

Jack Johnson – Better Together


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