Clothes Swap Part 2

After a couple of days of sunshine, it seems that the ‘Beast from the East’ could be on its last legs, and how happy am I? As much as I love Winter fashion, I am in need of some serious sunshine. With Spring just around the corner, Laurie and I decided to do a little clothes swap with a couple of jackets that are perfect for that in-between weather (too warm for a heavy coat, but definitely too cold to go without – you get what I mean?). So after seeing Laurie style my jacket 10x better than I ever could (I think I’m just going to let her keep it), here’s an attempt at part two of the outerwear clothes swap…

So Laurie has given me a gorgeous leather jacket, with a few studs here and there, from Next. I only have one and a half leather jackets (I say half, as the other one belongs to my mum and is even older than me – it’s on permanent loan but it’s still not mine) so getting to style this one was a treat! I have loved styling this jacket, as it is the perfect shape – quite fitted with shaped shoulders, and it’s CROPPED. I love love LOVE cropped leather jackets as they just sit so nicely, and with it being shorter at the back and slightly longer at the front it is such a flattering jacket to wear.

Leather jackets in this style are perfect for any type of weather. In the current UK weather situation (cold), it fits perfectly over any number of layers to completely smarten up a cosy-winter outfit. In the warmer months (if they still exist) you can just throw it on over a t-shirt – EASY.

1. Spring Casual

This look is a recent favourite of mine. I am usually big on jumpers or long sleeved floaty tops, so when I dug this top out from the bottom of my wardrobe, I was surprised at how well this look worked out. Pairing a statement tee (H&M) with some loose fit jeans (Next) seems to always be a winner, and I may have finally pulled it off! This jacket ties the whole look together, along with the ol’ classic Adidas Superstars (that need a good clean), and is one that I will be sure to recreate as it starts to warm up.


2. Smarten Up!

The next look shows how versatile leather jackets are – especially this one! Wearing it with blue jeans gives a more casual look, but pair it with black jeans and it’s all change. Wearing black on black is the classic combination for when you want to look smart, and a leather jacket as easy to wear as this is the perfect hack! Pair this with black jeans and a pair of smart shoes (Topshop), along with a simple, but out there, top (Zara), and you find yourself looking smart without even trying – perfect! The rusted-look studs really complement the orange top, especially when you add some gold jewellery!


3. Summertime

If we ever get around to summer, then this look will be perfect! The shape of the bottom of the jacket means it sits really well over jumpsuits, especially this relaxed one from New Look. With the join between the top and the trousers being quite high, you need a belt around the middle to give a bit of shape. But, with or without a belt, the height that the jacket sits at means that the waist is outlined perfectly – a flattering pair. I added some chunky shoes with gold buckles, to tie in the rusty-looking studs on the jacket.


4. Tan, Tan, TAN

The trousers featuring in this look are my current favourite – they are AMAZING. So I just had to include them by pairing with this jacket. These high-waisted tailored trousers are incredible! They are an amazing fit, and appear to give me a little bit of height as they are flared and to the floor. I picked these up from Next a couple of weeks ago, and I am still figuring out what to wear them with. For this look, I kept it simple by tucking in a black long-sleeved jumper, and some plain chunky boots. Again, with these trousers being high-waisted, the jacket is the perfect way to complete the look.


What’s your favourite way to style leather?

Song Recommendation:

Courts – No Lie


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