Clothes Swap Part 1 – Outerwear

As the weather has turned particularly cold, damp and pretty much completely miserable, Emily and I have decided to brighten things up with an outerwear clothes swap. In these kind of “Beast from the East” conditions, gorgeously warm and fashionable jackets and coats are wardrobe staples – so here is part one of the outerwear clothes swap…

Emily was kind enough to let me style this fabulous black and white check coat from New Look. I think prints like this are universally flattering, so they’re great no matter what size or shape you are – and they’re very easy to style. Loose coats like this are brilliant for looking fashionable on cold days – especially when you want to hide the multiple warm layers and style sins underneath.

1.The statement T-shirt

This first look is one that I recreate almost every Monday morning with my own baggy winter coat. When you’re rushing to get ready in time for that 9am lecture and dreading stepping out into the Arctic weather conditions, you want something that’s super easy to sling on but still looks effortlessly stylish. Platform trainers and statement/slogan tees are always on trend – and the monochrome look will never go out of fashion. Pair these wardrobe staples with a classic Fjallraven Kanken backpack and you’re good to go.



2. The Contrast Tee


Clashing prints has to be one of my favourite trends, but I’m always a bit nervous about pairing contrasting designs. However, wearing checks with stripes is a classic, winning formula that keeps coming back into fashion. This is a bit of a toned-down clash, but I’ve been loving berry tones lately, so I couldn’t resist this burgundy stripe top and black/white check combination. I’ve tried to match the stripe colours with the tones in the jeans and belt, so even when the coat comes off, you still have an outfit formed from key pieces that coordinate and compliment each other. Finish the look with an oversized bag and a pair of Dr Martens and you can’t go wrong.


3. Grey, grey and more grey

Using variation of tone centring around one key colour is probably the easiest way to inject style into any outfit. This is the kind of outfit I wear when I’m forced to venture out into the snow for a pint of milk or a quick laundry run. Sturdy boots, knitted jumpers and black jeans are relatively boring, but essential for staying warm. However, paired with a printed coat and super long scarves, you have an instantly cosy and fashionable outfit that is perfect for those unwanted trips in the cold.



4. The dress

On a slightly different, less practical note, I’ve paired this Topshop lace minidress with platform boots and the check coat. As you can see, I’ve opted for another berry tone… Imagine this dress with fishnet tights and heaps of jewellery and you have a perfect outfit for going out in. And unlike several outfits I’ve been seen in in the past, this coat actually compliments the outfit underneath…


5. The high-waisted skirt


At the moment, I’m in love with anything high-waisted. I picked up a few All Saints skirts online a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to style this one with the coat. Black and white coats provide the perfect opportunity to create monochrome outfits. Monochrome is one of my all-time favourite trends, so I’ve chosen to pair this black skirt with black Dr Martens and a cheap black top from H&M. I decided to pair the outfit with a small Radley “Love Lane” bag, simply to add a splash of colour to an otherwise all black and white outfit, but a black or white bag could look just as good, if not better.

How would you style this coat?

Song Recommendation:

Roy Orbison –> I Drove All Night


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