It’s a Favourite!

HAPPY MONDAY! My deadlines are fast approaching, so when planning a post for today I was needing something that was quick and easy to write about – and what could be easier to write about than one of my favourite items of clothing?! (absolutely NOTHING – that’s what).

I have many items of clothing that I ADORE, but the piece that I am going to write about today was chosen because of its versatility and its simplicity – a vintage-style corduroy shirt. I picked this little beauty up from the vintage rework section in Topshop last year for £18 (I think). This is easily up there with some of my best purchases, as it can be worn in so many different ways – it makes outfit repeating less of a crime!!!

Here are a few of the ways I have worn it…

Buttoned up with tights, boots, and a scarf thrown over the top (FAVOURITE combo)

Open over high-waisted jeans, a t-shirt, and trainers

Buttoned up without tights, and a good ol’ pair of Dr Martens


Through these cold winter months, I have also layered it by wearing an oversized jumper over the top of it (which was SUPER cosy), as the big collars mean that it sits nicely under another layer. It is just so easy to wear!

It is also perfect for those days where you don’t have time to decide what to wear, or you don’t want to make time because you’re not quite feeling it. You can just throw this oversized number on and not have to worry – it is unbelievably comfy and hides any lumps and bumps that you’re not in the mood to show off (without making you look like a tent – PERFECT).

When the weather decides to get warmer, or should I say ‘if’ it decides to get warmer, I want to try and be more creative with this shirt. I might pair it with some shorts and tie it at the bottom, or button it down and wear it off the shoulder, with some sandals and a clutch – who knows?

It’s short post, but it’s sweet – and if there’s anything that you should take away from this post it’s that you NEED to get a super-oversized shirt in your life!!

What’s your favourite item of clothing?

Song Recommendation:

HAIM – If I Could Change Your Mind


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