Food: Oslo Court

An annual post-Christmas trip to “Oslo Court” in London seems to be becoming a bit of a tradition for my family. The first time I visited the restaurant I had no idea what to expect – walking up to a relatively dull block of flats was not exactly how I pictured my evening going, considering that I was dressed up in all my finery and wearing a pair of seriously uncomfortable heels.


However, I soon came to realise that as you walk through the main doors, the sight that greets you leaves you feeling like you’ve just been transported back through time to the 70s. It’s very pink, it’s very plush – and to be honest, it makes me feel like I’m sitting in my grandma’s living room (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Every aspect of the restaurant has a very homely and friendly feel – the staff treat you like family, the atmosphere is loud and bubbly, and the floral crockery may or may not have been rented from my grandparents – Who knows?

As you sit down, you’re met by those typical 70s favourites – melba toast with curls of butter (of course) and several platters of crudités with the most amazing garlic dip. The main menu itself is hugely varied and has enough choice to ensure that there is something to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters. But again, the 70s have left their mark on the menu, and you can expect to find classics like Steak Diane, Melon with Ham, and Rice Pudding dotted through it.

As a party of 10 we seem to have sampled most of the menu – with my brother even taking one for the team and ordering the Escargots… Despite this unfortunate encounter with snails, it’s safe to say that every course of every meal so far has been fantastic – why else would we continue to make the train journey to London every year? Oslo Court is extremely popular, so bookings must be made quite far in advance to guarantee a table – but if you have a chance, I highly recommend donning your best 70s gear and giving this place a visit.

What restaurants do you recommend?

Song Recommendation:

Yukon Blonde –> Stairway



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