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Looking back through the LabelNV archives, I was more than a bit surprised to see that up ’til now, there have been no blog posts dedicated to my favourite shoe brand of all time – How could this be? I live in Dr Martens, I plan on getting married in Dr Martens, and I am certain I will die wearing Dr Martens as well. When you love docs like I do, you simply have to own a pair for every possible occasion and going-out situation – so with this in mind, here is a post dedicated solely to the original “home of rebellious self-expression” and the top 5 pairs of DMs in my collection…

  1. Patent Black Lamper 1461 Shoe

1461 shoes and 1460 boots are basically the cornerstone to any doc lover’s collection. They’re the original, basic designs and so they’re the best of course… It’s natural that they’ve been upgraded and edited over the years, but the black matte and patent 1460s and 1461s are still available and better than ever. They’re versatile, extremely comfy and carry that gorgeous tell-tale yellow stitching. In fact, these shoes pretty much go with every single outfit I wear. What’s not to love? I mean, are you even a docs fan if you don’t own at least one pair of plain black boots or shoes?

2. DM Heels (exact name unknown)

Heels and Dr Martens. Somehow I never thought I’d be typing a blog post with both of these words in the same sentence, but here we are and yes, you’re reading correctly – I now own a pair of heels by Dr Martens. Finding Dr Martens in TK Maxx is basically unheard of because they fly off the shelves as soon as they come in. However, these shoes are particularly strange and even I wasn’t sure about them at first… If they didn’t come to Uni with me, i’m sure my dad would have burned them – he hates them even more than my usual docs. But if you’re more than slightly uncoordinated like me and the thought of wearing heels fills you with dread, then these are perfect! They’ve got Airwair soles and rounded toes so they’re really comfortable and your feet won’t suffer after a night of wearing them. They’re also super easy to walk in which makes a nice change from the usual toe-crushers I’ve been forced to go out in.

3. Oxblood Kamin Boot

These babies were a self-gift from me to me in the Christmas a few years ago. The Kamins are available in ox-blood and black, but as I’d never owned a pair of ox-bloods before, these seemed like the obvious choice. I’d originally bought them thinking that they’d be perfect for long dog walks and adventures – as they’re hiking boots and that’s what they’re meant for. However, I seem to be a massive baby about getting any type of dirt or mud on any pair of Dr Martens – so really I wear them with jeans and plaid trousers at Uni or on trips into town…

4. 1460 Union Jack Boot

The first pair of Dr Martens I ever owned. These were bought as a gift after I’d done well in GCSE mock exams years and years ago. I’d lusted after them for months and managed to get hold of them just in time for the Olympics and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. At a time when the whole of England seemed to have hundreds of occasions to be even more patriotic than usual, these boots were brought out again and again to all the celebrations and parties. They’re the comfiest boots I own by far and I think they will always be my secret favourites (don’t tell the others..!).

5. Silver Harlen Shoes

eBay is a fabulous place for buying second-hand docs at really decent prices – but these possibly my favourite eBay purchase ever. I’ve bought several pairs of DMs from eBay now – including some Agyness Deyn limited editions, sandals and brogues (and as far as I know, none of them have been worn before). I’ve been tempted by studded Dr Martens hundreds of times before but I could never justify the prices to myself. However, £45 for these gorgeous silver babies was definitely a more than justifiable price, so I snapped them up and waited impatiently by the door for the next few days for them to arrive. I have several pairs of “stand-out” Dr Martens, but these definitely vie against my “Brendan” poker Dr Martens for top spot. They always get comments and compliments on nights out, and they add a bit of spiky glamour to every outfit I wear. What else can be said?

Do you have a favourite pair of Dr Martens?

Song Recommendation:

Kenny Loggins –> Footloose

#LabelNV // Laurie

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