5 Winter coats I’m going to miss in Spring

I don’t know if it’s the season itself, or if it’s the cosy clothes and layers – I just LOVE Winter! But, as much as I’m for cosy evenings with warm drinks, blankets, and movies, I’m almost definitely ready for some sunshine! There’s just something about waking up to a bright morning that makes me feel ready for the day. So, as I’m sat waiting for Spring to come and finally start warming us up, I thought it appropriate to go through my winter favourites before they go away for another year – and by favourites, I mean COATS. Now, I know many of you will be reading this thinking, “you live in England, you are ALWAYS going to need these coats”. While that is true, I am one of those people that only has to move an inch in too many layers in the British ‘summer’, and melt into a sweaty mess (too much information I know, but it’s all relevant). As soon as it gets above 10 degrees (rare, but it happens – occasionally) I am straight onto jackets. My coats make up my favourite part of my wardrobe, minus jumpers of course, and so it only seems right to give my top 5 some appreciation.

First up is a coat that definitely deserves the top spot. This vintage-shearling gem is something I picked up for £25 (bit of a bargain if you ask me) from an independent street-clothing store. I have only had this coat for a couple of years, owned by many others before me, yet it is still going strong! I don’t know how I managed before this coat came into my life. The pockets are AMAZING! You can throw anything and everything in there and it will never fall out (I mean, this is great when it comes to important things, but not so much for wrappers, receipts, and crumbs – but you get the idea). It goes with both brown and blue jeans, skirts, trousers, and even with pyjamas on those late-night runs to the shop for snacks – PERFECT!


Next is something I NEVER thought I’d wear – a puffer jacket. I didn’t want to give in and buy something that everybody else seems to own, but I am so glad that I did. I bought this from H&M and is possibly one of the warmest, and most versatile, coats that I own. It goes over any number of layers and matches almost everything! It’s waterproof, and any marks just wipe off. It can be thrown over gym clothes, work clothes, and so is perfect for those times when you’re running late and don’t have time to think about what to put on. If you don’t have one, get one – it’s a must!


Third on the list has to be my navy duffle coat. Having had this coat for about four years now, it has earned a special place in my heart. Bought for me by my parents from Topshop for £89, this coat has been the BEST. It is unbelievably cosy and has the best pockets in the world – the kind where you don’t need to take a bag when you’re wearing it. It also has a hood, making it perfect for the English weather. After wearing it to school every Winter’s day for a good three years, this coat shows signs of being loved, but is still in great shape. It has been worth every single penny and I would highly recommend getting a coat like this one.


In fourth place is not only a great jacket, but an incredible bargain. I picked up this coat from New Look in the sale for £16 – reduced from £35! That’s slightly more than 50% off! Whilst it was an impulse buy, I do not regret purchasing this jacket at all. I love wearing black – the simplest of items seem to look a hundred times more sophisticated when they are in black. Putting this black coat over any outfit gives it that extra edge, adding the smart to any smart-cas look. For this reason, I call it my ‘cheat coat’. It makes it seem like I have put a lot more effort into an outfit than I actually have. As my friends constantly like to point out, I am lacking in the height department (I’m 5ft 3, I can’t reach a lot of things). So when I first picked up this coat, I was worried about it seeming too long. Since buying it and wearing it I can say that this is no longer a worry for me, even when I wear it with flats. It suits trainers, docs, heels – EVERYTHING – and it doesn’t appear to ‘bury’ me at all. I feel like this style of coat is a must-have for any Winter wardrobe.


Last, but most certainly not least, is a fur coat. This fur coat is like no other. This fur coat is a slice of silky-soft goodness, and comes in my favourite colour – ORANGE. When I unwrapped this beautiful specimen on Christmas day, I could not believe my eyes. I truly believe that this coat was sent down from heaven (it may seem like I’m over-exaggerating here, but seriously, this coat is amazing). I just wish that it was in my life sooner! With it being a gift, I am not sure on the price. But based on the label, I can tell you that it’s from Next. Next is somewhere that I always forget to consider when buying clothes, so I was surprised when I saw this jacket. I will definitely be shopping there more in the future! It is the softest item of clothing I own, and the colour just makes it even better. Adding a bit of fun and a pop of colour to any outfit, it is perfect for brightening up those dull, Winter days.


So, until next year coats – you have served me well.

What Winter pieces will you be sad to leave behind?

Song recommendation:

The Night Café – Addicted

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