New Blogger Alert!

So, the time has come… After years of umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether I should step into the blogging world, here I am! With a little (huge) nudge from Laurie, and her incredible persuasion skills, I am FINALLY going to share my style and love for fashion. Laurie has very kindly allowed me to jump onto her blog with her, which I am very excited about I have to say. There will be posts about my favourite clothes and outfits, anything new to my wardrobe, and probably a lot about coats (coats are my favourite).  Let’s just hope I don’t mess it up and that I am here to stay!

Although it may not seem like it when I am rushing down the high street with coffee in hand (of course), wearing a hoodie thrown over my gym gear, what I wear and what I am seen in really matters to me. I express myself with clothes, and use them as a way to bring a bit of fun and creativity into any dull day. There’s just something I love about planning outfits – especially for occasions – even if it does annoy everyone around me.

Now that the standard ‘I like clothes’ ramble is done and dusted, I feel like I should just say a few things about who I am. My name is Emily. I am a bubbly person who is full of energy (most of the time) and is ALWAYS up for an adventure. I love nothing more than exploring new places with the people closest to me, whether it be friends or family. I am currently a Psychology student, meaning that I am fully aware that the mass of clothes I own is excessive… and that my outfit-repeating issue is IRRATIONAL (I just love clothes. I can’t help it – I’m sorry). I try to keep on track with my health and fitness, just to stay in shape, but I have a few (many) weak spots. I am a foodie – a true lover of all things food. And I know you can be a foodie but also SUPER healthy – I manage this 80% of the time. But I need carbs, and then sweets, chocolate, and then more carbs on carbs ON CARBS.

As much as I love to eat out and experience different styles of cooking, I love to cook and experiment for myself. This means that there will DEFINITELY be some food related posts coming from me. As it happens – and if this doesn’t sum this last section up then I don’t know what will – I am joining the blog in PANCAKE WEEK (week, not day, as I get pancake happy and carried away). It’s been pancakes for breakfast every day this week, and so it would be rude not to share how I ended my pancake-eating frenzy.

I haven’t mentioned this already, but I absolutely adore peanut butter (my life depends on it). These Wednesday morning pancakes and peanut butter really are a match made in Heaven, and they are SO easy to make – the perfect hump day pick-me-up. Just check out the step-by-step below and you’ll be tasting this morning goodness in no time. PLUS, there’s no need to feel guilty about treating yourself to these as they are fairly healthy – with or without the protein powder!



You will need:

  • 2 ripe bananas (mashed)
  • 2 medium eggs (whisked)
  • 100ml milk
  • 20g chocolate protein powder (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon of oil / 15g of butter (for frying)
  • Peanut butter (as much as you need to spread on top)
  • A speaker

How to:

  1. You cannot make pancakes without dancing around the kitchen and having a bit of fun, so you are going to have to do this ‘Matilda-style’. Connect your phone to a speaker and turn it up – Play “Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way”, and get happy. It is the official pancake song (according to me).
  2. Next up, mix the mashed bananas and the whisked eggs together, and add the protein powder while mixing (the protein powder is completely optional, I reckon cocoa powder would work just as well if you’re after a chocolatey treat – but they still taste amazing without any chocolate flavouring at all!)
  3. Place a pan with the oil/butter in over a medium heat. When the pan is hot, add a spoonful of the pancake mix to the pan.
  4. When the pancake starts to bubble, flip them over *cue showing off in front of housemates by trying to successfully flip pancakes*
  5. Re-grease the pan before adding the next lot of mix (if needed), and repeat the steps until all of the mixture is used up.
  6. There are two ways to do this final step, depending on your peanut butter preferences. If using smooth peanut butter, I like to melt the peanut butter for a few seconds in the microwave and drizzle it over the pancakes (YUM). If using crunchy, I just like to dollop a spoonful (or five) onto the top of the pancake stack and let it do it’s thing. Delicious!


This is just how I decided to spice up my pancake week – but you can easily experiment and make these your own! Adding blueberries to the mix is incredible… or you could swap the peanut butter for Nutella and add strawberries – there are just so many amazing combinations when it comes to pancakes. Make sure you give this delicious recipe a try and hey, if you discover a tasty topping combination then comment and let us know below!

What is your favourite pancake-topping combination?

Song recommendation:

Bad Suns – Swimming in the Moonlight


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