The Nubian – Juvia’s Place

Whilst I received a Juvia’s Place palette in December as a gift from my parents, I have been too scared to open it until now….

I asked for “The Nubian palette” in particular because – apart from my love for the front design – I was really drawn to the gold and brown shades within. I find that these shades suit my dull brown eye colouring the best, so I tend to opt for metallic and neutral tones where I can – I’m not that adventurous with eyeshadow colours just yet…


This is just a quick post about my initial thoughts and first impressions of this palette:

At first glance, this palette is obviously beautiful and everything about it is aesthetically pleasing, from the front colour and design to the order the shades are arranged in. Having never actually tried any shadows from Juvia’s Place, I was looking forward to swatching some of the shades and having a play with the colours.


To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with the first set of swatches. I was expecting a bit more pigmentation and a lot less fallout from the shadows. This could have been my fault because I used my finger instead of a brush – Oops… – but my arm was left covered in a lot of shadow dust which I was surprised about. Obviously fallout isn’t the end of the world – and we all have enough setting sprays and primers to combat small problems like this, but I had to go over each swatch a second time using a brush – simply so I could have enough product on my skin to photograph well. Considering all the hype and glowing reviews that Juvia’s Place has received over the last few months, I was left feeling a little underwhelmed by the swatches…




However, there is no faulting the shades themselves. The 12 colours are gorgeous and are more than likely to flatter every skin tone – I have a feeling the lightest shimmer shadow could even be used as a highlighter (Far right on the above swatch). Although I’m more impressed with the shimmer shades than the mattes, I’m still going to try and create a few different eyeshadow looks over the coming days with the hope that these relatively poor swatches aren’t a true representation of the quality of this palette. To be honest, even with the slight disappointment with the swatches, it won’t stop me from using this palette and getting the most out of the colours. Even if the shadows have to been worn as sheer or built up in different layers, the range of colours and finishes definitely make up for problems with application. (The rusty brown/red tones are my particular favourites)

  • For those who are interested, I have since tried the colours on my actual eyes – and although I can say that the pigments seem to be much more vibrant when worn, fallout still seems to be an issue…

Have you tried any Juvia’s Place palettes before?

Song Recommendation:

Queen and David Bowie –> Under Pressure



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