The Best: January

January was a strange month for me. The first day of 2018 didn’t feel like the brand new start I was promised and so I was left feeling more than a little cheated. 2017 still feels like the year I lost myself a tiny bit, so I was hoping January would give me that spark I needed to re-find and re-invent myself. It didn’t. However, there are still a few bits and pieces to love about January… even if it was possibly the longest and most uneventful January I’ve ever encountered.

Grace And Frankie:

I hadn’t actually realised that a fourth Season of Frankie and Grace was on the cards, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw that Netflix had released another 13 episodes. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are a match made in Heaven and I’ve said this before – but if I end up looking like or even just loving life like either of those two fabulous actresses then I will be extremely happy. The storyline is hilarious, the acting is incredible and I want to be a part of Grace’s extended family. Lisa Kudrow also makes an unexpected appearance in a few episodes and that just makes things even better.



I downloaded this app because it was trending at the start of January and I needed to use a bit of that post-Christmas weight. Sweatcoin encourages you to get active outside of the house and earn “Sweatcoins” which can then be traded for coupons and products. It takes 1000 steps to earn 1 sweatcoin, and with the free plan you can earn up to 5 coins per day. Keeping track of my steps has really focused my mind and I’m much more conscious of the amount of exercise I do everyday. This free app is definitely worth downloading if you’re on a bit of a health kick and would like a helping hand.


Stila Beauty Balm:

Because I’m always moving backwards and forwards between Uni and home, I’m constantly leaving behind important items – AKA essential beauty products and my toothbrush (why always my toothbrush?!)… Last time I went home I managed to leave my usual Rimmel primer on my dressing table, so I had to crack open my new Stila 10-in-1 BB instead. When I squeezed the first drop out of the tube I must admit I was absolutely horrified. I thought I’d chosen the wrong colour for my skin because it was practically orange against my pale face. I didn’t know what to do with it and I was so annoyed at having spent £13 (even at a reduced price) on it. However, I bit the bullet and decided to dab a bit onto my face with the hope that the colour would be covered by my foundation… All I can say is that there was no need for me to be worried about this at all. There is a list of 10 uses on the back of the tube – and it fills all of them. It simply had to make it onto my Best of January list because it is fantastic as a base layer for makeup and I absolutely love it!

Art Gallery Magazine Subscription:

I’m a sucker for a magazine subscription. I love receiving mail (except bank statements…), so I’m constantly ordering discounted subscriptions and different mail-order brochures. I’m currently subscribed to Vogue and Tatler (of course) but this new magazine subscription caught my eye when I saw an advert for it on the TV. “Art Gallery” is a subscription that sends you a book dedicated to a different artist every week. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love anything to do with art, so I just had to buy the first issue to see what kind of subscription this would be. Everything from the binding of the book to the colours of the pages is incredible. The first issue is £1.99 and every issue after is about £8 – so I think its probably too expensive for me to order the full collection at the moment. However, I’ll definitely be hand-picking out a few editions with my favourite artists to own as stand-alone reference books.


All Things Vintage:

The other day my Nan dropped round with a bag full of vintage knitwear – and of course I was thrilled. This little package of knitted ponchos, cardigans and jumpers has reignited my love for vintage fashion and it’s got me trawling through eBay to find more vintage bargains to fill my wardrobe with (I just snapped up a pair of vintage Bally brown leather loafers… I’m so excited!). To me, vintage lost it’s appeal for a few months in 2017, but I’ve definitely fallen back in love with it now and can’t wait to add a few more pieces to my collection.


I’ve never really taken much time to start a Pandora jewellery collection or even really think about creating my own charm bracelet. To me, this seems strange because I immediately fall in love with anything sparkly or personalised. My Nan bought me a Pandora bangle and a few charms for Christmas this year, but I only really took it out of the box in January because I was too scared to get a scratch on any of it. I’ve only worn it a few times but I’m now a true Pandora convert and I’ve already been looking for more charms online!

What are your January favourites?

Song Recommendation:

Hozier –> From Eden









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