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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a fabulous holiday period surrounded by good vibes, family and friends – and of course I have my fingers crossed that this year will be even better than the last. I’ve had a little bit of a break from blogging just to get my head round my impending exams and to give me some time to regroup for my new semester of University – but now I’m back! And for my first post of 2018, I thought I’d do a short write up about the gifts I received from Santa (!) in my stocking this year. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love having a good old look at what everyone else received for Christmas – and then find similar items in the post-Christmas sales..!

In our household, stockings are usually filled with novelty or functional items that are a bit of fun to open first thing in the morning… before we get on to unwrapping our main presents after a large family breakfast.

Aside from the usual Christmas pajamas, I also received…

1. Kate Spade Bracelet

I love pretty much every single design Kate Spade brings out. If I’m not crushing on a novelty handbag, you can find me drooling over various accessories or jewellery pieces in almost every collection she brings out. Santa clearly knows me very well as he decided to pop a Kate Spade cat bangle into my stocking. It’s gold and it has ears – what’s not to love?

2. Novelty Slipper Socks

I’m a big fan of slipper socks. They’re comfy, warm, and they’re brilliant for sock-sliding up and down hallways! The little embroidered bear faces and sticky-up ears on this pair of Totes slipper socks are super cute – and of course they came straight back to Uni with me to replace my current pair of novelty mouse face Totes socks.

3. Shoe Scent Balls


I wasn’t sure what to make of this gift at first… After pointing out to the whole family that my shoes don’t smell – (they actually don’t though, okay?) – I was relatively happy to receive these. Even though my shoes are fine and I don’t need these, I think they’ll be great to shove into my wardrobe and drawers to freshen them up a bit and provide them with a nice scent.

4. Chocolate!


You can’t go wrong with chocolate can you? Montezuma’s is probably one of my all time favourite brands for sweet treats; but I find that the bars are just a little bit too pricey to justify buying them every time you need a quick pick-me-up – so receiving a bar as a treat is always really nice. I’m given the orange and geranium bar for Christmas most years simply because it is the one flavour I keep coming back to – it’s just so delicious! I was also given a bag of Marks and Spencers chocolate brussel sprouts, and I can’t wait to get my teeth into them.

5. O.P.I Set


O.P.I is another one of my favourite brands. I only ever seem to buy O.P.I polishes, so I was more than happy to receive this set of 10 mini colours in the “All Stars” collection. Every now and then, mini products like these are fabulous for trying out new shades, formulas and finishes – so I’ll be testing out all of these mini colours and hopefully buying the full sized bottles very soon.

6. Compact Mirror

I have been in need of a new compact mirror for a while because I accidentally dropped my last one and broke the hinge, leaving me with two damaged halves that looked a bit out of place in my handbag. This new mirror with a 5X magnification half is perfect for slipping in a coat pocket or handbag for those cheeky makeup top-ups and eyeshadow checks while out and about.

7. Calvin Klein Tights


I can’t be the only girl who always seems to be in need of new tights? The holes, ladders and tears that I end up with are ridiculous – and I don’t even know how most of them happen! These two pairs of slightly thicker tights by Calvin Klein will be perfect for taking me through the first few cold months of 2018.

8. Firefly Clip Lights

Firefly lights

I just love this! I’ve already brought this light-up photo holder back to Uni with me, and I plan on stringing it along my bookshelf so I can look at my photos while I revise for my exams or put my makeup on in the mornings. I haven’t printed any photos yet, but I want to hang up all the family pictures from the Christmas and New Years celebrations.

9. Bowie T-Shirt


Santa clearly knew what he was doing when he had his elves sew this together for me (!) I absolutely love David Bowie – and this t-shirt will be perfect to wear when I go to the “Absolute Bowie” tribute show next week! I already have several Bowie t-shirts, but this one is definitely my new favourite.

I know I said this post would be all about my stocking, but I just have to include pictures of the Ralph Lauren belt and Dr Martens boots I received.

(Now for those of you thinking that I already have far too many pairs of Docs, I did actually manage to sell a few pairs before Christmas so I feel like I’m allowed this one…)

Do any of you still receive stockings? What was your favourite Christmas present?

Song Recommendation:

Hozier –> Cherry Wine




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