Secret Santa Gift Exchange

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is the annual Secret Santa present exchange – however, I always find them far more enjoyable when the people taking part are great friends. Of course it’s still exciting to do Secret Santa amongst colleagues or large school groups; but I’ve found that you’re far more likely to end up with something like a new stapler… (and it’s always from the person who broke your old stapler in the first place).

Saying all this, I loved the Secret Santa gift exchange I took part in the other day. Six of my best friends from Uni got involved – so we used an online randomiser to assign Secret Santa buddies… to make it even more top secret.ย We decided to do the gift exchange in Thor’s Tipi bar which was basically a huge tent in the centre of town with a gorgeous fire pit, loads of fluffy blankets and walls covered in deer antler decorations. We felt very cosy and very festive with our cups of spiced cider and mugs of baileys hot chocolate.

We opened our presents one person at a time took turns guessing who had bought the gift… The spending limit was ยฃ20, so I bought a portable wireless speaker and an I Heart Makeup blush and highlight palette for my friend Emily.ย I ended up with a deer skull jewellery stand, a make-your-own pearl necklace (complete with actual oyster) and a skull-themed stationery set. This person clearly knows me very well because I loved every item I received… Anything animal or skull-related is a hit with me so this small bundle hit the nail on the head!

Have any of you taken part in secret santas this year?

Song Recommendation:
The Pogues –> Fairytale Of New York


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