Z-Palettes are basically an essential product for any serious makeup lover – but I’ve been avoiding the inevitable purchase of one only because I usually prefer buying pre-filled palettes. However, Z-Palletes allow you to pick and choose the colours and textures of the eyeshadows they hold – so you know you’ll use every single shade and enjoy what you have. With normal pre-filled palettes, there’s always going to be a few shades that you simply don’t use – so there’s much less wasted product when you pick your own. However, the individual prices of the shadow pans and the Z-Palette itself push up the cost of creating your own palette – so I wasn’t sure whether it was worth it or not…


But when Beauty Bay had it’s Black Friday sale and included Z-Palettes and eyeshadow singles from various brands, I thought I’d take the plunge and buy a few little bits…


I had already purchased two Mac eyeshadow singles (£7 each) from Bicester Village a few weeks ago – so I decided to buy another four shades from three different brands that I hadn’t tried before:


Morphe – New Moon (£2.25)

I seem to be really late to the Morphe party – this is the first product I have bought from them! But I’m already very impressed. I think this is one of those “essential” shades that simply had to be included in the neutral eyeshadow palette I want. I usually create a darker brown base using a matte eyeshadow, and then layer lighter, shimmery colours (like this one) over the top, so this will be brilliant for my day-to-day eye makeup looks.

Juvia’s Place – Lala (£4.80)

Considering this is a single, the pan size is massive in comparison to the pans of the other brands I bought from – hence the price difference – so I can tell this will last me for a long time. Online this eyeshadow is described as a “light copper”, and I absolutely love it! It’s really brings out the brown tones in darker eyes, and fits perfectly in my neutral palette. I decided to create a palette with a predominantly brown colour scheme – but of course I had to include a few metallic, shimmer and glitter pans as well… and this is one of those versatile shimmery shades that can take you from day to night effortlessly.

Makeup Geek – Havoc (£3.47)

Makeup Geek – Karma (£3.47)

The two Makeup Geek singles I picked are both “Duochromes” – so they’re gorgeous shimmering shades which are a perfect contrast to the duller matte colours in my palette. They seem to change colour depending on how the light hits them – and I know they’ll be my go-to singles during the festive period. I’ll definitely be party-ready if I’m wearing these!

What brands would you recommend for eyeshadow singles?

Song Recommendation:

Lee-la Baum –> Love Is Blindness


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