A Christmas Gift Guide

After taking a very stressful week off from blogging in order to complete assessments and hand in a shed load of assignments, I am finally back and very ready to get started on some wintery blog goodness. Although I won’t be taking part in Blogmas, I’ll be keeping to my regular schedule and including a few Christmas posts along the way.

Seeing as it’s the FIRST OF DECEMBER today and we’re now only 24 sleeps away from the big day, I thought I’d write a small gift guide with a few items that I’ve been drooling over while online shopping.

1.Michael Kors X FujiFilm Instax Camera –> £120 (Also available in Silver)

I’ve always been a massive fan of instant cameras; and even though I already own a Polaroid and an Instax Wide, I always seem to end up lusting over every new Instax design available, and this Michael Kors edition is no exception. With a Michael Kors signature on the back, this camera comes in an absolutely stunning pale gold colour with a small MK logo on the front. £120 doesn’t sound like too much for an Instax collaboration camera… But, in true designer style, the coordinating camera strap (£30) and bag (Usually £315) are only available to buy separately – so by the time you actually deck your camera out with all the extras you just have to buy, you will end up spending substantially more than the £120…

Image from Michael Kors website

2. Instax Mini Gold –> £89.99

At £89.99, this Instax camera is a great deal cheaper than the Michael Kors version. To me, this looks to be almost exactly the same camera apart from a slight variation in colour and a severe lack of MK branding. This instant camera is compact, comes in a gorgeous gold colour and is much cheaper than the Michael Kors equivalent… *even though they’re practically the same thing*. If you’re looking for a slightly more budget version of the Instax X Michael Kors, then this is perfect for you!

Image from Argos website

3. Bill Skinner Skull and Motorcycle Helmet Necklace –> £49.88

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll probably know that Bill Skinner is my favourite jewellery designer and that the Trapezoid Skull collection has been high on my to-buy list since I discovered his designs. However, unfortunately for me, I found his website just after this collection had sold out – so I never actually got to own any of it. I’ve spent ages trawling through Depop and eBay trying to find some for sale – but without any luck. However, just as I was thinking about buying parts of my Christmas present this year, I managed to find two of the necklaces on eBay – the Jester and the King, for £25 and £16 respectively… so of course I bought them straight away and I’m very excited!

I then found this motorcycle helmet piece on Amazon for £49.88. Although I agree that it’s a little bit pricier, I think if you’re looking to add a bit of quirkiness to your jewellery collection with a standout necklace, then this would be perfect – and I highly recommend anything from the Trapezoid Skull collection (…or any of his collections actually…)

Image from Amazon.co.uk website

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss –> £17 each

If you follow Beauty Bay on any of their Social Media channels, you will have seen that they had a massive drop of Anastasia Beverly Hills products just after Cyber Monday. I’ve never actually owned anything from this brand, but I just love the range of shades and finishes available, so I’ll definitely be adding one or two of these to my Christmas List.

(Images from Beauty Bay website)

5. Juvia’s Place Nubian Palette –> £30

After Umm-ing and Ahh-ing over this palette for a few months, I finally decided to buy it for £24 on Black Friday and I’m so glad I did (even though I’m having to wait until Christmas Day to open it). I’ve admired several Juvia’s Place palettes because they are created to suit a wide range of skin tones and the colour schemes and shimmer finishes really appeal to me. Although I haven’t tried any products from Juvia’s Place before, I’m always seeing amazing reviews online, so while it was on sale I thought I’d bite the bullet and give “The Nubian” palette a go. If you’re looking for a palette in a mid price range with a good selection of shades and a decent amount of product for the price, then I’d definitely check out the different Juvia’s Place palettes available.

Image from Beauty Bay website

6. Dr Martens Iced Metallic Leather Satchel –> £70 (Also available in Silver)

It’s from Dr Martens, it’s metallic and it’s pink – of course this was going to be on my list. Dr Martens has “kicked off” (so punny) the festive party season by releasing a gorgeous collection of “Iced” shoes, boots, bags and satchels. Even though I absolutely love the entire collection, this smaller 7″ inch satchel stood out to me the most – particularly because I think it’s the perfect size to hold your phone, credit cards and other small essentials for a night out. It would also look amazing on the dance floor – especially when the lights hit it. It’s the ultimate Dr Martens bag to take to the office Christmas party or a club night with friends. What’s not to love?

Dr martens iced
Image from Dr Martens website

7. Starbucks X SkinnyDip Glitter Phone Case –> £18

When you buy a Starbucks X SkinnyDip product, 10% will go towards supporting British charities in 2018. So when you pay the £18, not only do you protect your phone with glittery, Christmassy style – and get a free screen protector! – a portion of your money will go towards helping great causes. You buy a good product and you do good at the same time – it’s a win win situation… and your phone will look amazing – *just saying*.

Image from SkinnyDip website

8. Spectrum Zodiac Brush Collections –> £49.99 each

If I hadn’t already bought the “Mean Girls” brush set from Spectrum earlier in the year, the Fire Zodiac set would already be on it’s way to me. Four pouch designs are available – with each one carrying a design based around one of the four elements and the three star sign constellations represented by each element. The brushes for each element are the same – gorgeous black brushes with gold hardware and gold and black star detailing. If you’re looking to add a brush set to your Christmas list then I’d definitely consider one of these! I absolutely love the designs and theme behind this collection – so maybe one day in the future I’ll end up with the Fire set…

Images from Spectrum website

9. Cards Against Humanity –> £24.99

If you haven’t heard of Cards Against Humanity – 1) where have you been? and 2) please don’t play this with children or elderly relatives… we don’t want youngsters repeating bad words on Christmas Day now do we? This game is probably best reserved for drunken pre-sesh antics, but it’s absolutely hilarious and you’ll definitely make someone’s Christmas by buying this for them. Just be prepared for some seriously inappropriate humour and pee-your-pants hilarity…

Buy Cards Against Humanity from Firebox using this link and get £5 off!

Image from Firebox website

10. Pet Cactus Keyring –> £14.99

As most of my friends are Uni students, none of them are able to have pets in student accommodations – so the modern alternative to keeping live animals seems to be owning as many cacti and succulents as possible… This portable cactus keyring is a cute and quirky low-maintenance “pet” for the student or plant lover in your life and is sure to brighten up the zippers of backpacks and purses! It can also be repotted if it grows too big for its portable terrarium, so this is sure to be a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Image from Firebox website

Buy a Pet Cactus Keyring from Firebox using this link and get £5 off!

If you’re still not sure what to buy for friends and family (or what you’d like to self-gift…), experience days from companies such as Virgin, and adoption packs (like this Penguin pack from Find Me A Gift) are always fun and unusual gifts that can please anyone and everyone!

What is on your Christmas list?

*I do not own any of the images in this post*

Song Recommendation:

Blossoms –> Charlemagne 


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