Brand: I Heart Makeup


I Heart Makeup is a brand I’ve really grown to love over the past few months. I’ve seen many bloggers label I Heart Makeup palettes as dupes for Too Faced chocolate products, and even though I don’t completely agree with that, I continue to buy I Heart Makeup products simply because I love the novelty packaging, large range of eyeshadow shades and of course, their heart-shaped blushers… and who am I to complain if they give off a few Too Faced vibes?

Superdrug recently had a 3 for 2 promotion on I Heart Makeup products and I was very happy to see that the “Peach and Glow” and “Light and Glow” highlighters were in stock online because I’ve been dying to try them but never had the chance! My favourite “Peachy Pink Kiss” blusher was in stock as well… so obviously I had to buy that to act as my third product in the offer!

The “Golden Bar” palette is by far my favourite eyeshadow palette in the range. I have been tempted more than once to buy many of the other chocolate-themed goodies, but this golden version always seems to beat off the competition. The brown, gold and khaki shades in this palette suit my skin tone a lot better than a most of the other palettes available in the chocolate range, so “Golden Bar” is always my go-to eyeshadow from this brand. The gold drip effect of the packaging is also my favourite design and colour scheme in the range, so that is a bonus!


I also have to include this little brow kit that I bought a while ago. It contains a small eyebrow wax and three different powder shades. I never do my eyebrows… I know this is probably a cardinal sin to many of you beauty bloggers out there, but I think I’d end up overstepping the line between “natural” and “caterpillar” – and I don’t want to risk that! Despite never drawing on my eyebrows, I did buy this powder kit with the hope that I could make my brows look a bit fuller without them looking too unnatural.

Have you bought any products from I Heart Makeup recently?

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UB40 –> Red Red Wine




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