Stila Haul

(Just some of the items I bought…)

Stila is yet another brand that I always seem to read great reviews about, but never manage to buy from. However, that changed last week when I happened to pop into my nearest beauty outlet, only to find that they had a massive sale on.

After talking to one of the shop assistants, I was told that because Stila is changing the design of their packaging, all current stock basically has to be sold off as quickly as possible. I only picked up a few pieces at first, but soon had to send my Mum off to get a shopping basket because I realised that not only were Stila products in the sale, but they were down to less than half the outlet price!

Originally I thought I’d pick up a primer, a grey eyeliner and a new eyeshadow – but my spending soon got out of control, and I ended up sweeping through the shelves and throwing everything I liked the look of into the basket. Because the prices were ridiculously low, I decided not to feel guilty and simply stock up on everything I was close to running out of. Of course I also had to buy a few of the products that I had been meaning to try – but never got round to buying – as well.

The most “expensive” item I bought is a mini set containing a lip glaze, mascara and small pot of gold eyeshadow. This package basically acts as a look in a box – and I thought it would be perfect for party season. My Lancome mascara is on its way out unfortunately, so I was looking for a new mascara anyway. When I saw this set was £5 after the discount, I felt like the eyeshadow and lip glaze were an added bonus as I’d usually be spending over £5 on a mascara by itself!


More eyeshadow! Everyone knows how much I love collecting eyeshadows, so I definitely wasn’t going to be passing up these beauties for £3 each! I chose two fairly neutral shades – a pale blush and a shimmery grey colour – because I thought they’d be perfect to wear during both the Autumn and Winter months.


This was one of those boring “essential” purchases. I needed a new primer and BB cream, so I had this in mind even before walking into the outlet. I really fancied buying one of the Stila “One Step Correct” for priming and colour correction, but sadly they were out of stock – so I popped one of these “Stay All Day 10-in-1” BB creams in my bag instead… And then I found out they were £3 instead of the usual £24, so I shoved another one into my basket for good measure…


I seemed to come away with quite a large selection of lip products, so I don’t think I’ll need to buy anymore until the middle of next year… I’ve been seeing quite a few videos and reviews telling me that the matte lip trend is fading away and that glossy, almost wet-look lips are in for next season. I’m not quite sure how true that is, but I picked up a lip glaze (RRP: £15) anyway so I could see what all the fuss is about. The pale, translucent formula is practically clear so it can be layered over lipsticks to keep lips moist and nourished. As someone who suffers from cracked lips, I can tell this product will become a handbag essential very quickly.

I also bought a “Crush” lip and cheek stain in shade “Coconut” (RRP: £16) which has the most amazing scent and is really nourishing for your lips. It can also be used as blush and apparently it reacts with the pH of your skin to create your own personalised shade. I’m really looking forward to trying this out!



Lipsticks were also high on my list of must-haves so I bought three new shades: “Sheri”, “Ali” and “Sonya”. As you can see from my shade selection, I’m a massive fan of a berry lip! My pale colouring suits darker shades of brown and plum, so I was really pleased to see that these three shades were still in stock. When I was busy trying out the colours I was really shocked at the tingling they caused on my lips – to be honest, I thought I was having an allergic reaction to them at first! But after a minute of wondering what was happening, I realised that it was the Peppermint Oils that were causing this sensation. I actually really like the minty taste and the slight tingling – I haven’t tried anything like it before but I’m already a fan! The plant-based formula is incredibly creamy and soft, and feels more like a lipbalm than a lipstick. I definitely won’t have to worry about my lips cracking if I’m wearing one of these.

I picked up a few other colours for Christmas presents as well!


On the shelf, this lipgloss was the first product that jumped out at me. It had completely different packaging to anything else in stock and I didn’t even realise it was part of the Stila range at first. This is a “Magnificent Metals” lipgloss (RRP: £15) and the name says it all really! I’m not usually a fan of glosses because I find that my hair ends up wearing more gloss than my lips do, but for less than £4 I thought I’d give this a go. The colour is absolutely stunning and I’ve been wearing this over my normal, darker lipsticks to give my lips an extra bit of sparkle!


I did manage to buy a replacement grey eyeliner / smudge stick (RRP: £14.50) which I’m very happy about, but I also thought I’d grab a liquid eyeliner as well. I’m still determined to leave the house wearing some form of winged eyeliner but I just can’t seem to get it right! I’ve tried cheaper liquid liners from pens and pots, but this is a “Got Inked” cushion eye liner (RRP: £20) and apparently it should be easier to achieve cat eyes with it – so we’ll see how it goes!


I haven’t included everything I bought in this post, because I picked up a few birthday and Christmas presents as well and I don’t want certain people seeing their gifts before they receive them… But in total I spent £54 which is a complete bargain if you add together how much everything should have cost at full price! I’m now a complete Stila convert and I’ll be heading back to the outlet as soon as I can!

Song Recommendation:

M83 –> Wait




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