Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

My mum and I had been eagerly anticipating this Saturday morning for quite a while because it marked the arrival of  “Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair“, which was coming to my home City. Peterborough Cathedral is an incredible venue for an antique and vintage Fair anyway – so we were just happy to be under the roof of such a historic building as we sifted through retro dresses and vintage costume jewellery.


Naturally we were looking forward to a few hours of people-watching, bargain hunting and spending a stupid amount of time searching through rack upon rack of vintage clothing.


Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair” has been named “Best Vintage Fair” at the last 3 National Awards – and it is easy to see why! The Fair itself is jam-packed full of stalls and small companies selling vintage clothing, homeware, accessories and basically every other vintage or antique treasure you could think of. We were particularly looking forward to seeing the Pin Up and Pamper hair and beauty salon and the Pear or Peas tea party!


We’d entered the Fair with fairly open minds because we weren’t 100% sure about what to expect from the stalls… and I’m known to be quite fussy about the vintage products I buy… However, we were blown away by the quality and variety of the items being sold. Not only were there stalls selling vintage and antique items, but others were busy selling reproductions, prints and vintage-style clothing – so there was definitely something for everyone! I was also relieved to find that many of the stalls accepted card payments because I’d managed to leave all my cash at home… Oops.


I hadn’t planned on spending a huge amount because I was far more interested in looking at the fashions and accessories that fellow Fair-goers were buying and wearing – but I couldn’t resist snapping up a gorgeous vintage Burberry cardigan for £20 from “The Antique and Vintage Wardrobe“! The cardigan I bought is a beautiful green colour and has never been worn – it even has it’s original zip-top bag intact – how could I say no to that?!



Have you bought any vintage clothing recently?

Song Recommendation:

Dry The River –> Vessel






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