My Little Box – October


I haven’t ordered a monthly box from the My Little Box subscription service since August and sadly, I haven’t really been missing it at all… Due to my bank account practically bullying me into saving money for the next few weeks, I hadn’t actually planned on buying any subscription boxes this month… But because I discovered that October’s edition of My Little Box would be a special collaboration with ASOS, I thought I’d subscribe once again just to see what all the collab fuss is about! Maybe I’ll even carry on with the subscription this time…

Initial thoughts:

The colour scheme for this particular box was revealed at the beginning of the month in the form of some gorgeous Instagram photos from the My Little Box team – so as you can imagine, I was hotly anticipating the arrival of peachy pastel goodness through my letter box. When the time came for me to visit home from Uni for the weekend, my fingers were already itching to get hold of the package! But sadly I was left disappointed when instead I found a few of my Amazon orders and a strangely flat package waiting for me – and no My Little Box in sight… However, as I poised myself to send a mildly irritated email to the My Little Box team for late delivery, I was left feeling like a bit of a muppet when I realised that this flat cardboard thing was in fact a My Little Pouch!


What did I receive?

  • Pouch:

Instead of the usual patterned cardboard box to hold the beauty and lifestyle goodies I would be receiving, this month’s “box” used a large canvas pouch. I’m actually really pleased with the pouch because it is far more useful than the boxes I’m used to receiving. I really like the colour and the size of it as it is large enough to use as a clutch bag, but it is also perfect to hold my iPad Mini, iPhone and accessories for when I go travelling. It’s definitely more practical than a cardboard box and the neutral design is a bonus!


  • Hand Cream:

My Little Box is no stranger to sending out hand creams… Even though I don’t use them that often, I also don’t complain when I receive them because I like having them around – especially during the colder months. When I actually remember to pop a tube of hand cream into my handbag, I do enjoy the feeling of soft, fragrant skin – so I can’t really sniff at this My Little Beauty offering.


  • Face Mask:

Now I do love a good face mask… I haven’t heard of Centella before, but I’m looking forward to giving myself a bit of a pamper and trying this “Green Tea Callus Mask”. I haven’t treated myself to a face mask for a while, so I can’t wait to have a bit of me-time.


  • Eyeliner

This is a product from the new ASOS beauty range, so of course I’m excited to get using it. I’m not usually a liquid eyeliner person simply because I can’t seem to draw wings on my eyelids or create straight lines around my eyes… However, this eyeliner has a very pointed tip and it looks like it might be easier to use, so I’ll definitely be giving this a go.

  • Primer

Again, My Little Box seems to send out quite a lot of primers, but you won’t hear me making a fuss because I go through primers quite quickly and I enjoy testing out different brands. Anything that makes my makeup last longer is a hit with me, so I’ll be trying this out when my current primer runs out.


  • Notebook / Drawing Pad

This is quite a cool notebook because one side has a “Thoughts” section with lined paper, but when you turn it around and flip it upside down, you are greeted with a “Scribbles” section with plain paper for sketches and scrapbooking. I’m trying to write some poetry at the moment so I think I’ll make this my drafting book for new poems and ideas!

  • Creative Memo Block

I wasn’t really sure what to make of this to be honest. It’s one of those strange lifestyle items that My Little Box sends out every now and again that you didn’t know you needed  until you received it. It’s titled “Tone Up Your Creativity”, and includes 31 ideas for 31 days – so you have a month of creative and inspiring quotes, recommendations, and products. I’m quite excited to get flicking through this properly and I’m hoping it will inspire a few of the next month’s blog posts.



Overall I’m really happy with this box. The contents aren’t what I expected, but I’m pleased with all the beauty products I received, and the pouch and lifestyle products are a nice change to the norm. I’ll probably buy from My Little Box again, but at the moment I’m preferring other subscription services – so unless they pull something out of the bag next month, I will be purchasing the November edition of BirchBox instead because they are collaborating with Vogue!

Which beauty box will you be buying in November?

Song Recommendation:

Dr Hook –> Millionaire







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