Freebie Friday


My luck this week seems to know no bounds! Not only did I get a place on my University course’s trip to Chile after waiting on the reserve list for months, I also won a “Freebie Friday” from Beauty Blvd and Of Life And Lemons on Instagram! I seem to enter competitions all the time, but as I have finally won one, I thought I’d do a quick write up and swatch of the products I’ve received.


I received two packages, and I was really happy with the speed of delivery and quality of packaging from each company. Each package had it’s own personal touches – Beauty Blvd included a hand written note congratulating me for winning, and Of Life And Lemons wrapped each product individually, and included a brand postcard and signature sticker.

Beauty Blvd:


I knew I had won a set of Divine Hydra-Gel lip masks, a Glitter Lips kit and a Trinity lipstick, but for some reason I wasn’t expecting to be able to choose my preferred shades in the latter two – so that was a really nice touch. I chose to have the lip kit in “Cocoa Loco” because I’m a big fan of darker lipsticks and I thought this would be perfect to experiment with on Halloween!

Before I won the Trinity lipstick, I had absolutely no idea what it was – but after a bit of googling and searching through their website, I knew this was a product I really want to try out. Instead of one colour running through the entire bullet – as you see in most lipsticks – this one is a bit different. The bullet is split into three parts and each part is a different colour – so when you glide it over your lips, the three shades blend to give you one gorgeous, moisturising colour.

I’ve literally only had the time to swatch it on my arm, but I have to say I’m really impressed with the strength of colour and the feel of it against my skin. It doesn’t feel dry or sticky and the three stripes blend amazingly well, so you don’t end up with distinguishable lines of colour on your lips – I’m really impressed! As you can see from the swatch below, depending on which way you apply the colour (stripes horizontal or stripes vertical) you receive a slightly different shade. This is Trinity lipstick is in “Envy”, but there are two other options to choose from – and after looking at other bloggers’ experiences and swatches, they look just as good as this shade so I may end up having to buy the other two…


Of Life And Lemons:


I’d been meaning to buy a few things from Of Life And Lemons for a while anyway, so winning a few of their items was a great feeling. Their work never fails to make me smile, and their online shop is full of humorous prints, clothing and accessories that are guaranteed to have you reaching for your credit card. I was really excited to receive a sweatshirt and makeup pouch from their “Gin Bunny” collection and a “Gindependent Woman” pin…

This was the parcel I was most impressed with in terms of packaging and attention to detail. I liked that every product within the parcel was wrapped separately so there was no chance of anything getting damaged – and the bundle of yellow tissue paper really brightened up my morning!

The Gin Bunny Pouch is obviously my favourite of the three products simply because that design is simply amazing and it’s the perfect size to use as part of my resident handbag on-the-go makeup kit. The sweatshirt is super comfortable and will be great for lounging around in or using as a much-needed extra layer during the colder months ahead. And of course, the Gindependent Woman Pin is completely fabulous and makes me smile, so it will be definitely finding a home on one of my jacket lapels very soon. I love everything about this package and it’s made me want to buy a whole cartful of other things from Of Life And Lemons, so watch this space – because a mini haul could appear very soon.

So overall I’m really delighted with my prizes and I just feel really lucky to have won them in the first place. Thank you Of Life And Lemons and Beauty Blvd!

Have you guys entered or won any competitions recently?

Song Recommendation:

Anais Mitchell –> Young Man In America


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