5 October Favourites

We’re just about halfway through October now, and while I’d usually be searching for a topic to write about around this time of the month, today I thought I’d get thinking about some of the best things I’ve encountered already throughout October…

  1. Pantone Universe (App and more)

You can be forgiven if – like me – you thought that Pantone was a company that traded solely in paint and paint swatches. Nobody loves a trip to B&Q or Homebase more than me – because I can guarantee I’ll be walking out with pockets full of those strangely aesthetic colour charts and cards. However, I must have missed out on all the Pantone-related news because I only just discovered the Pantone Universe this week. Where have I been?! Unbeknownst to me for goodness knows how long, Pantone has delved into the worlds of makeup, accessories and home goods. They even have a collaboration range with Sephora! I’ve fallen in love with their eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes and backpacks. So yes, my Christmas wish list is now filled with Pantone Universe merchandise and beauty products. I just have to find my favourite colour now!


However, before every last penny of my money gets spent on visually pleasing Pantone products, I have to tell you that my actual favourite Pantone discovery this month is the app!  Clearly I didn’t know there was an app available either – and even though it doesn’t do a great deal, I find it weirdly satisfying. You can upload photos from your camera roll or Instagram, and the app will match specific paint colours to the colours in your photos. The app also gives you access to Pantone‘s various blog articles, stock images and a “studio” function which allows you to put your own colour palette onto Pantone‘s ready-made graphics. It’s a bit silly, but it’s fun and it’s free, so what’s not to love?


2. Skulls (!)


October is probably the only month of the year where I can add “skulls” to my favourites list and not be accused of being a psychopath… Even before I became a Zoology student, I’ve always been fascinated with animal skulls – so it’s only natural that I have a few of them kicking about in my room… The two I’ve chosen for this post are called Frieda and Greta – yes, there are more, and yes, they all have names. Although I have at least one skull on display throughout the whole year, as Halloween nears I think they really spookify my shelves and get me in the mood for Halloween fun!


3. “Lazarus” (Album and poster)


I have been wanting to order this CD for ages and it finally arrived this month! “Lazarus” was a play created by David Bowie and Enda Walsh which was inspired by the novel “The Man Who Fell To Earth” by Walter Tevis. I was lucky enough to be able to see this play at the pop up King’s Cross Theatre in London with my Mum last year, and it was an experience I’ll never forget. David Bowie had just died earlier in the year, and as massive fans of his, my Mum and I decided to fill the year with Bowie events to pay our respects in our own way. Because we had already bought tickets to a few Bowie events, I could only buy really cheap tickets for “Lazarus” and we ended up on the last row back, which meant we’d be able to see actors the size of ants on the stage. I wasn’t really looking forward to sitting through two hours of something I couldn’t really see… However, when we arrived we were upgraded for free to row C, which meant we were about a metre from Michael C Hall – who stars in “Dexter”. It was the most amazing show and the upgrade only made things better! The music and acting were both incredible of course, and this CD brings back all the memories of that fantastic day!


4. Dr Martens (Spikes)


It’s becoming a sort of tradition (or obsession…) for me to choose a new pair of Dr Martens as part of every birthday present for myself. However, I broke my rule this year and ended up buying two pairs… My Mum has already hidden away the black pebbled boots until December, but as I’d paid for the silver studded shoes myself, they were obviously coming straight back to University with me! I actually found these shoes on eBay for £45 which was a real bargain because I’d seen them knocking around for upwards of £150 in store and online. Even the boots my Mum paid for for were super cheap because we visited the Dr Martens outlet and picked them up for £30 instead of over £130! Although I love them both, this spend means I’ll have to have another clear out of my Dr Martens collection soon because I’m back up to over 15 pairs… But I love them all so who can blame me..?!


5. Denim (Embroidered)

Embroidered Back

I’m going to have to write a post about my new found obsession for Marks and Spencers denim (yes, really) at some point this week, but for now I just have to add this gorgeous River Island embroidered denim jacket to my favourites list! I think I’ve worn this to University most days this week and I’m loving it more and more. The deep oranges and dusky rose colours in the embroidery are simply perfect for the Autumn season and I just can’t get over how cute the little bees are! Embroidery is one of my wardrobe staples anyway, but I think this has to be my favourite out of all the embroidered pieces I own. As I’m in the market for a new pair of black jeans, I haven’t been able to wear my blue denim coat with any of my outfits – so this black jacket has been a God-send when it comes to adding layers to outfits consisting of blue jeans and Dr Martens (my typical Back-To-University outfit formula…)


What are your favourite items for this month?

Song Recommendation (One of the best scenes from Beetlejuice!):

Harry Belafonte –> Banana Boat Song (Day O)



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