Recommended Reading: Fashion

So far, my Autumn hobbies seem to involve ridiculous amounts of fashion books, chocolate and romantic films… Therefore it’s only right that I dedicate this post to three of the best style and beauty reads I currently have on my Uni book shelf.


Giuseppe Santamaria’s “Women In This Town” is a book I bought to take with me to Center Parcs in January this year – and months later I’m still constantly referring to it for style inspiration and location ideas for fashion shoots. If you’re not a fan of reading long passages, then this book is perfect for you – it’s basically one very chic photo album with the odd quote and explanation thrown in for good measure! I love flicking through it every now and then to look at a few street fashion trends and add a few clothing items to my wish list!

“Women In This town” is part of a small book series which also includes “Alone In A Crowd” and “Men In This Town”. This particular photography style really appeals to me because it isn’t focused on beautiful people and posed models – instead it’s focused on the clothes of real people in real situations – like you and me – and the personalities that shine through. The bright colours, clashing patterns, funky hairstyles and wacky shoes seem to express who each person is and what they represent. It just feels like you’re getting to know complete strangers through their clothing choices and individual style – and I find the whole thing fascinating!


After following Estée Lalonde on Instagram for a while and seeing a few of her other followers gushing about her book – “Bloom” – I decided to buy a copy for myself. Everything about it from the coloured pages and awkward childhood photos to the photos to and from friends makes this a lovely book to own. Her quirky life story makes for a really interesting read – and the contrast between her old family photos, flat lays and modern pictures documenting her life is really cool! This is probably my favourite book on this list – you can’t help but get inspired by it!



“Capture Your Style” by Aimee Song is a much more recent addition to my bookshelf. I’d been putting off buying this for quite a while, but my will to save money finally caved, and it arrived in the post a few weeks ago. To be honest, I wasn’t particularly interested in the tips to take decent Instagram photos, simply because I think anyone with even an iota of artistic eye can see what makes a good shot and what doesn’t – however, I was interested in seeing what photo editing apps and locations she suggests and uses.


Overall, I think Aimee’s book is another really good read. There are lots of tips that I probably wouldn’t have put to use myself if I hadn’t read this, and I know for sure that some of the flat lays and selfie ideas will definitely be featuring on my own feed quite soon! Even if you don’t need help with your Instagram game, I’d recommend this book anyway simply because I think the skills and ideas can be transferred to fashion, product and blog photography really easily. Aimee’s photos are always gorgeous, and I hoping that if I employ some of her tips in my own work, I can create some fabulous images as well!

What fashion books do you recommend?

Song Recommendation:

David Bowie –> Fashion


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