10 Things “Legally Blonde” Taught Me


I’ve really been struggling with my motivation over the last few weeks – as you may have noticed from the lapse in blog posts… – but re-watching “Legally Blonde” this weekend seemed to reignite a spark of motivation in me! I know it seems stupid, but I think I just needed to get re-inspired by a kickass blonde and her chihuahua! So, here are my 10 Elle-spiration moments…

1. Work space is really important:

Of course I’m jealous of Elle’s Sorority house and Uni room..! Seeing Elle at work with her Law books in a huge comfy chair, surrounded by furniture and accessories she loves, made me want to sort out my own room as soon as I got back to Uni on Sunday. After an hour or so of cleaning and rearranging, I have been left with fully organised shelves, favourite posters on every wall, and various small statues on tables. I now have a space I actually want to live and work in – and I can’t wait to get started.

2. Don’t ever change yourself for a guy:

The most important point on this whole list! I think every girl on the planet wanted to punch Mr Warner Huntington III in the face repeatedly every time he waltzed onto screen. No one rejects Elle Woods and gets away with it! Now, despite the original plot revolving around Elle’s need to change herself to suit this pompous dingbat, she soon realises the error of her ways and starts to live for herself. This is something that every girl should be emulating – no boy is worth that kind of stress and indignity. When you find the right boy (or girl) you’ll know, and you won’t feel inferior or as if you need to change yourself to be accepted by them. Just be you!


3. Sisters over misters:

When it comes to strong female-female relationships and girls supporting girls, this film is full of examples. Elle supports Paulette and helps to rescue her baby Rufus from a gross ex-husband, Professor Stromwell changes Elle’s mind about leaving Law School due to Professor Callahan’s wandering hands, and Vivian and Elle strike up a fabulous friendship after finally realising that Warner is a massive tool… Sisters over misters is a constant recurring theme throughout the film – so if you aren’t texting your girl friends or giving them a call during the end credits to tell them how much you love them, then clearly we didn’t watch the same film!

4. Never judge a book by it’s cover:

Point in case – Vivian Kensington. Another character we love to loathe for the first half of the film. But of course, you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Just as Vivian judges Elle to be an airhead and ditzy blonde, we judge Vivian to be an uptight Warner-sympathiser and Elle-enemy. Despite Vivian’s earlier pranks and general nastiness, she soon shows her true colours and wins the audience over by being an awesome friend to Elle. Moral of the story – don’t judge someone by their looks alone, they may end up surprising you!


5. Motivation is key:

Ahh… Motivation. Where have you been? I’ve been lacking in motivation ever since I started my second year on campus. I don’t know why my hundredth viewing of “Legally Blonde” pushed me in the right direction, but I’m now feeling much more relaxed and excited about the possibilities coming my way over the next academic year. I’m channeling Elle Woods and ready to get blogging and studying again!

6. Hard work pays off:

Watching the montage of Elle missing out on Frat parties and days out with friends to study for her LSat exams was a really motivational moment for me. I’m a major procrastinator, so I often get sidetracked and end up doing anything more interesting than studying. But seeing the positive results she earned and the future she created for herself by knuckling down and missing out on a few forgettable parties, really inspired me again. I want to succeed and get myself a First in my degree, but I can only achieve that through hard work – I plan on just getting on with it like Elle, so I can reap the rewards in the future.

7. It’s okay to lean on your friends:

Elle knows what it’s like to cry in the nail salon, and she’s not afraid to let her walls down in front of friends. In a time where Mental Health and Self Care are so important, Elle sets an example and shows us that we’re not alone. We all have down days, so whatever you’re struggling with, you’re not by yourself – there will always be someone for you to lean on. If you can, try to let yourself go and take advantage of the help your friends can offer – you won’t be imposing and they will be more than happy to guide you through the tough times so you can enjoy the good times together.

8. Dogs are a girl’s best friend:

Admit it – you love Bruiser. Elle’s resident handbag Chihuahua is the cutest four-legged baby ever to grace the hallways of Harvard! Despite being a member of a slightly hairier species, Bruiser is without a doubt Elle’s best friend. Like all dogs, Bruiser doesn’t need to speak to let Elle know that she is loved and supported at all times. Dogs will protect you with their lives, and they won’t hold grudges against you when you dress them up in fancy little outfits or accidentally step on their tails… What more could you ask for in a friend?


9. You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it:

If a Fashion Merchandising student and Sorority girl can earn a 4.0 GPA, improve her LSats score to 179 and gain an acceptance to Harvard Law, I’m pretty sure we can all make our dreams come true if we work hard enough. I’m fully aware that this is a fictional story, but the principle is there – if you put in enough time and effort, you can achieve whatever you want.

10. Girls need to support girls:

This is a no-brainer. I see so many girls leaving nasty comments on social media or berating other girls’ makeup and clothing choices. It makes me so sad and angry! It shouldn’t be difficult to understand that girls need to be supporting each other in a world where women all over the planet still have to fight for equality and freedom. If Vivian Kensington and Elle Woods can support each other after their very frosty first meeting, I’m pretty sure we can all get along! Every girl is amazing in her own way, so it’s time to spread the love and start hyping each other up instead of dragging other girls down.


What film motivates you?

*I do not own the Legally Blonde images in this blog post

Song Recommendation:

Cyndi Lauper –> Goonies R Good Enough (Starts at 2:21)


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