Adventures With A Mini Photo Studio Tent


Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to up my photography game and start taking photos of outfits and products that would look half decent on my blog…

I’m still saving up to buy myself an actual camera I can use instead of my less-than-fabulous iPhone camera… but in the meantime I’ve invested a measly £10.99 in a Mini Photo Studio Tent from Amazon, so I can practice using different lightings and backgrounds to improve my product photos.

I received the Photo Tent in the post yesterday and as you can see from the photo above, I was first greeted by a fairly basic spelling mistake and left feeling slightly worried about the quality of the product I’d bought… However, when I opened the tent and popped the sides into place, it didn’t look too bad!


The Tent itself came with four interchangeable coloured foam backgrounds and a row of small USB powered lights along the top which can provide extra angled lighting if it is needed.


I can definitely see myself using the black and white foam backgrounds, but the red and green might be a little bit more difficult to use… Maybe I’ll end up creating a few Christmas-themed photos with them?

So far I’ve only photographed two products using this box – my leopard-shaped earring holder from House of Fraser and my Topshop highlighter. I often admire the contrast in photos with completely white backgrounds, so I decided to use the white foam first to see if I could achieve a similar effect. After a few minutes spent messing around with the focus and lighting settings on my phone and deciding whether or not to use the flash, I ended up with two photos that I’m really pleased with considering that this was my first attempt!



My flat lays and product photos have never been that great and I often struggle to find a background that would be suitable for my pictures. The interchangeable backgrounds of the Photo Tent solve this problem for me and the lighting effects really highlight the detail in both of the products I have photographed so far. Despite my first impressions, I think the results speak for themselves – and I’m very happy with this purchase! Hopefully you’ll see an improvement in my product photography over the coming weeks – especially when I finally purchase a camera!

What do you use to improve your blog photos?

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Martin Luke Brown –> 65 Roses


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