A Mini Makeup Haul


As I’ve decided to take part in “No Spend October”, I thought it was probably worth buying a few small makeup items before the end of September to prevent myself from running out of any essential products half way through the anti-spending month!

I began this little haul by buying a few sticks of my favourite Maybelline concealer on Amazon. This is one of the products I simply cannot afford to run out of, so in the end I wound up buying three of them at once because unfortunately you can no longer buy this exact version in high street shops and I didn’t want to have to keep re-ordering them.  I also wanted to build my order up to £20 so I could take advantage of the free delivery!


During my Amazon searching, I also found this Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro primer and decided to buy this as well. I’ve used several Rimmel primers in the past and been pleased with the results, but as I haven’t tried this particular one before, I thought I’d give it a go as it is supposed to smooth, resurface, brighten, mattify and protect the skin. Sounds good to me!


After purchasing these, I quickly popped into TK Maxx – which is a sort of outlet shop on the high street for those of you that don’t know – to find some last minute kitchen accessories for the little kitchenette in my studio flat… but of course I ended up filling my basket with a few beauty products as well.

I chose to buy this shimmery brown O.P.I nail polish in shade “Love Is Hot And Coal” because my polishes have all decided to run out at the same time, and O.P.I is my favourite go-to brand for all nail varnishes and accessories – so for £3.99 instead of the usual £14.95 I really couldn’t say no!

I was also really pleased to discover that TK Maxx now sell items from the Topshop beauty range! I picked up one of the iridescent Chameleon Highlighters straight away because I’ve been wanting to try one for a really long time. I was drawn to the “Mother of Pearl” shade and paid £6.99 instead of the usual £12.50. I can’t wait to try this out properly – just look how glowy it is!


“Light reflecting pearls highlight and define the skin to create a beautiful glow. Blend onto the skin using a brush or fingertips to create a highly polished finish and luminous effect” – Topshop Chameleon Highlighters


I’ve saved my best buy for last… I managed to grab this Too FacedLovepalette for a steal at £14.99 instead of £39! Again, this is something I’ve had my eye on for quite a while, so when I saw it at the discounted price I just had to snap it up! The colours are gorgeous, and the mixture of shimmer, pearl and matte shades is something I really like… This is definitely my purchase of the week!

“Inspired by the lost art of love letters, this lust-worthy collection creates the most romantic looks of all time with fifteen shimmer, pearl and matte shadows organised into three beautiful collections. Includes an exclusive, full size Love Eyeliner in Black and our signature Glamour Guide with six looks you’ll fall in love with” – Too Faced Love Palette

Have you bought any beauty products recently?

Song Recommendation:

Black Keys –> Lonely Boy





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