"On Wednesdays We Wear Pink…"

Yes, this is a super pink Mean Girls post on a Wednesday… Perfect timing or what? The Spectrum collaboration with Paramount has been widely publicised and advertised for the last few weeks on pretty much every form of social media I use – so like many other Spectrum lovers, I was busy impatiently waiting for the collection release on the 30th of August with bated breath and stifled squeals… After saving up enough money, I ordered a set straight away and proceeded to sit by the letter box for three days until they arrived this morning… Hooray!


Before we get fully stuck in to this post, can we forget about the brushes for 2 nanoseconds to just appreciate the amazing packaging..? I think my Dad felt a bit embarrassed collecting this huge pink box for me this morning, but his embarrassment was completely worth it because I now hold this fabulous package in my hands! I already know I'm not going to be able to convince myself to throw the box away, so it'll probably come to Uni with me to hold some of my makeup tools and products. And yes, I'll be sticking a photo onto the "Insert Photo Here" space…


Due to the recent Spectrum warehouse fire, the acrylic Mean Girls storage containers will remain unavailable for the next few weeks, so currently there are only three different Mean Girls products available on the Spectrum website – The Full Size Burn Book, the Mini Burn Book with Brushes, and the 10 Piece Fetch Set which includes an exclusive mesh makeup bag with Burn Book keyring zipper. After spending way too much time thinking about which set I should buy, I finally opted for the £49.99 10 Piece Fetch Set. I reached this decision because the makeup bag included in this set can't be bought separately, and also because I plan on putting the Full Size Burn Book and Large Acrylic Storage Container on my birthday wish list – so I didn't see any point in buying the Mini Burn Book if I'll be receiving the larger version in a few weeks' time…


The brushes themselves have stunning purple to pink ombré handles and fabulous pale pink ombré bristles which are synthetic, Vegan and cruelty free. As if they weren't beautiful enough already, each brush also has a different Mean Girls quote stamped onto the handle in silver. So fetch! At the moment I'm too scared to remove the plastic protection from the brushes, so I might have to do another post when I've tried them all out properly…


The brushes included in the set are:


A01 – Domed Powder Brush
A05 – Precision Blush Brush
A07 – Colour Applicator Brush (For blending eyeshadow etc.)
A10 – Small Fan Brush
A16 – Precision Crease Brush (Perfect for Cut Crease looks)
A17 – Precision Angled Brow Brush
A21 – Highlight Brush
B01 – Flat Top Buffer Brush (For foundation application)
B06 – Tall Tapered Blender Brush
C01 – Large Fan Brush

A range = Application
B range = Buffing and Blending
C range = Contouring


Do you own any Spectrum brushes? And will you be buying any of the Spectrum X Mean Girls products?

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