Glossy Box – September



My lovely September edition of GlossyBox arrived today! I’ve been looking forward to this delivery since seeing a few product spoilers earlier in the month! I was really surprised by the range of products – I think this is my favourite box yet! I’m actually really tempted to resubscribe to this service so you may be seeing another GlossyBox post in October…


Pixi By Petra –> Brow Tamer (Full Size)

I’m 100% guilty of not taking care of my eyebrows. I’ve tried plucking them, outlining them and filling them in but they always end up looking like sad caterpillars… So I have since decided to leave my eyebrows to their own devices – which has allowed them to grow wild and unruly. However, due to the thick, dark nature of my eyebrows, I’m aware that I should probably be grooming my eyebrows a tiny bit. This Brow Tamer by Pixi is a clear gel that is supposed to define brows while maintaining their natural look. This is absolutely perfect for me because I’m not really a fan of overly drawn-on eyebrows. A bit of definition is all I need, so I’m looking forward to trying this out.


MONU Skincare –> Firming Fiji Facial Oil

I usually stay away from facial oils because they tend to dry out my skin or cause break outs. However, this facial oil is specifically for dry and sensitive skin so I think I’ll be giving this one a chance!


Cetaphil –> Mini Skincare Trio

The pyramid shape of this packaging made the whole GlossyBox bulge out – and the lid couldn’t even be put on properly because of the size of it! I had no idea what this odd-shaped box was at first, but I was really pleased to receive this Cetaphil product. Skincare is one of my main beauty concerns, so receiving a three step healthy skin routine was an exciting moment for me! I’m always looking for new ways to clear and moisturise my skin, so this will be going into my makeup bag straight away!


Jeanne Arthes –> L’Eau de Rose (Full Size)

I don’t usually expect to find perfumes in beauty boxes, but I was happy to find this “L’eau de Rose” in my box! The 30ml glass bottle is the perfect size and shape to fit in my bag for everyday use. The scent actually reminds me of the perfumes I used to play with in my Nan’s dressing room, so it’s a bit nostalgic for me. This is definitely coming to Uni with me next week because it will be perfect for popping into my satchel to use for perfume top-ups on the go.


Stylondon –> “Siligel Blender” Clear (Full Size)

Over the last few months I have been millimetres away from buying a silicon blender to replace the sponges I’ve been using. I’ve found that a sponge will absorb more of my foundation than it applies, and it can be really hard to clean as well! My current sponge has even been in the dishwasher and it still isn’t free of foundation marks… This is probably my favourite item in this month’s box because I have wanted one for quite a while now and I definitely would have bought one eventually. I’m looking forward to trying this out and seeing how the performance compares with that of my normal sponge.


Kinder –> “Bueno”

This was a cute little extra product this month. Unfortunately as I’m allergic to nuts I can’t eat this, but I know my brother will enjoy this chocolate bar instead!


Finally, I thought I’d include a picture of Fred enjoying his new wig made from the GlossyBox shredded paper…


What subscription boxes are you receiving this month?

Song Recommendation:

Sam Smith –> Like I Can


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