September University Goals


I’ve spent the last few days making lists of ways I can improve my productivity and happiness throughout the next few semesters. As I’m now painfully aware of my imminent return to Uni, I thought I’d do a really short post to document a few of my goals – and I hope they provide you with a bit of inspiration too!

1) Return to old hobbies!

Sadly I’m one of those incredibly annoying people that seems to pick up and drop a new hobby every month or so. I find that my attention can be diverted amazingly fast, so I’ve never really had a steady interest outside of my studies. However, I plan on devoting myself to a few hobbies I really enjoy and maintaining them for at least one year. I think I’ll start by returning to my singing, bullet journalling and artwork – and of course I’ll keep up with my blogging as well!

Bullet Journalling

2) Maintain an agenda or journal

I want to start an agenda so I can keep all my appointments, blog posts and assignments in one place. My planning and organisation skills are basically non-existent. I tend to write important messages on individual post-it notes which inevitably get lost before I have a chance to commit anything to memory… This links to the bullet journal idea because I want to keep one giant agenda filled with all the written information, receipts and flyers I need to get my life planned out!

3) Keep up to date with lecture notes and revision

This is something I failed to do last year… I really didn’t keep up with my lecture notes or lab write ups in the last semester, so the month leading up to exam week was more than stressful. But this year will be different! I have promised myself I will write up all my notes after every lecture or tutorial – and I will definitely remain organised! (I hope…)


4) Enjoy nights out 

Club nights are a bit of an “eh” topic for me. I don’t drink alcohol, but I love dancing and I do enjoy the odd night out. However, I tend to get bored at about 2:30am after a few hours in the club, and if I have to look after drunk friends or wait for a guy friend to take me home, I have to try very hard to stop myself getting grumpy… Instead of getting annoyed and wishing I was back in bed, I plan on “going with the flow” and actually enjoying the night!

5) Read more

I seem to read textbooks and revision guides all the time but I never manage to read for pleasure anymore. I’ve bought a few fiction and biographical books over the last few months, so I’ll be taking a couple of these along to Uni with me and attempting to read a lot more in my spare time. It might do me some good to get away from technology for a while as well.


6) Exercise body and mind

Over the Summer holidays my dad has been nagging me constantly to start exercising and eating more healthily. Deep down I know he’s probably right, so I’m actually quite excited to start walking everywhere, planning meals and buying my own food again. I also want to get a book of Sudoku games so I can train my Brain while I try to get my body fitter as well!

7) Blog!

A very obvious goal! I want to keep growing my follower count, improving my writing and maintaining this blog for as long as possible! I’d quite like to improve my photography and graphic design skills as well – especially if I hope to be reaching a wider audience one day.


8) Save money

This is a fairly simple one. I want to get involved with the “No-Spend” months, so I plan on only buying the essentials in October – no clothes or makeup! If I can, I’m going to try and continue with this lack of spending throughout November as well… I want to budget properly, collect coupons and reduce the amount of money leaving my account each month!

9) Join a society

After an incredibly hectic final year at school, I wanted a break from everything – so I didn’t want to join a society in my first year. However, now that I’m starting my second year, I wouldn’t mind getting involved with a society or two. The Zoology and Music societies appeal to me the most, so I’ll be heading to the Fresher’s Fair hoping to put my name down on a few membership lists…

10) Get inspired again

I used to get inspired by everything I saw, but recently I’ve had some trouble getting my creative juices flowing. My brother used to tell me off for taking pictures of random stuff I came across on my travels – but I had to capture everything I was inspired by so I could use the photos in future paintings, Instagram posts or poems. I even used to write small Haikus to fill my time on the train back to Uni and draw random animal skulls in old notebooks. I want to be inspired again and take pleasure in the little things I come across!

What are your goals for the coming months?

Song Recommendation:

Men at Work –> Down Under



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