5 August Favourites:

Can you believe we’ve already made it to September?! My second year of Uni is only 2 weeks away and my brother is starting his final year of school next Wednesday… Where does the time go?

Anyway, since my life is flying by and the eighth month of 2017 is now over, I thought I’d do a quick write up of 5 of my favourite products for August.


1) Moschino “Toy” Perfume:

I’ve never been an avid wearer of perfume simply because I am often too forgetful or too lazy to spray any on in the morning – and it’s not really something I’m overly concerned about anyway. However, despite my non-existent interest in perfumes, when I came across this Moschino “Toy” scent online I just knew I had to get my hands on it! Not only is the bottle concealed in this gorgeous soft bear – complete with Moschino t-shirt – it also has a fabulous fresh citrus smell which really appeals to me. It has been the perfect light scent for Summer – so of course it appears in my August favourites post!


2) Alexa Chung – “It

Can you even call yourself a blogger if you haven’t held this book in your hands at least once? As if the cover isn’t instantly recognisable already, this is “It” by Alexa Chung. I don’t even know how many times I’ve been through this book… It’s looking a bit dog-eared now, but I still love flicking through the pages for a bit of daily inspiration. The photos and illustrations carry a cool vintage aesthetic that I really want to start emulating in some of my own photos, so “It” always gets me itching to start a new scrapbook or grab hold of my Polaroid and get snapping. When I struggle for inspiration, this is the kind of book I read and I definitely recommend that you get a copy of it!


3) Primark “Glitter Obsessed” Palette

My monthly Glamour magazine arrived a few days ago and as I was flipping through the shopping recommendations, I came across a gorgeous glitter eye cream palette. I immediately wanted to know where I could buy it because I fell in love with the colour range and the ridiculous amount of glitter! So you can imagine how surprised I was when I saw that I could buy this palette in Primark for £4! The “Glitter Obsessed” palette contains 28 glitter colours, so the £4 price is amazing value. Of course I know that the glitter creams won’t be the best quality, but I think they will be perfect for club nights and Halloween parties – so even though I don’t have high hopes for the standard of coverage or the length of time they’ll stay on my eyelids, I can’t wait to experiment with a few different looks!


4) Primark Nail Polish Holder

This odd rubber thing is actually an incredibly useful little gadget… It is shaped like a huge diamond ring and it can hold a bottle of nail polish while you paint your nails – making the whole process so much easier! I had my eye on the Tweexy version from Firebox for quite a while, but £14.99 was a price I really couldn’t justify for a piece of rubber… However, this version was bought from Primark for a few pounds and does exactly the same job! It is an absolute life saver and 100% worth buying if you can get your hands on one.


5) Niko Pro Makeup Brushes

The last item(s) on my list of August favourites is this set of three Niko Pro ova brushes. I only own five makeup brushes in total – which is completely pitiful I know – but this small set is perfect for applying eye makeup until I save some money to buy myself a full set of Spectrum brushes. This set should have actually cost £36 and contain five brushes, but I bought these from TK Maxx a few months ago for just £3 (!) because the 2 larger brushes were missing. These are the first makeup brushes I’ve ever bought – and for £1 each I don’t even care about the two that should have been in the set! I’m now trying to build up my brush collection – and of course I’ll let you know which brushes I choose.


What are your favourite products for August?

Song Recommendation:

La Roux –> Bulletproof


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