When in Rome…

As you will have gathered from my photo post on Friday, I have spent the last few days on a girly holiday in Rome – visiting as many tourist sites as possible… and stuffing my face with pizza!

Day 1:

Thursday was by far our busiest day… We left the hotel at 10am after an amazing continental breakfast and walked to the Colosseum in just under 30 minutes. I had visited the Colosseum a few years ago but hadn’t actually seen the inside of it – so this time we decided to buy fast track passes to skip the huge queue and get straight out of the Sun!


When we finally tired of scaling staircases and walking around the different levels of the Colosseum, we headed to the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain… but not before finding a gladiator to take photos with!


We didn’t spend long in the Pantheon because we were all dying in the heat… But we had a quick look round and took a few photos before heading back out into the Sun to see the Trevi Fountain.


The Trevi Fountain is often said to be the most beautiful fountain in the world – and it is easy to see why. It is absolutely breathtaking! We all tossed a cent coin into the water because apparently it ensures your return to Rome… And we all want to come back some day.


The 33 degree heat was starting to get to us by this point, so we embarked on a quest to find an ice-cream shop. However, we soon became distracted and decided we simply had to jump into the Zara we came across because it was air conditioned… and we needed a bit of retail therapy.


After various purchases were made, we eventually got back to our original plan and found the Magnum Pleasure Store we were searching for. Four of us designed our own Magnum ice creams, and mine found itself covered in meringue and about 5 different varieties of chocolate… So yes, it was delicious.


We ended our first day in the Piazza Venezia where we had a fabulous pizza dinner and watched a Michael Jackson impersonator dance his way through some of our favourite songs.

Day 2:

Our second day started much more slowly than the first because we were all absolutely shattered from the walking we did the day before. Despite protests from our aching feet, we began the day with a slow snail-paced walk to the Spanish Steps… followed by a cautious side-step down them because the marble was unbelievably slippery and I think we all came very close to barrel rolling down them… Once down the Steps, we rewarded ourselves with a quick browse through the Sephora we found at the bottom…


After our makeup cravings were satisfied, our feet thanked us for grabbing a taxi to the Vatican. We bought fast track tickets and audio guides to the Vatican Museums, so again we skipped the queues! The Egyptian Galleries were an obvious hit with me because I love anything and everything Egyptian – but I definitely didn’t expect to find any Egyptian artefacts in the Vatican Galleries, so the Mummies and statues were a welcome surprise!

But of course the Sistine Chapel was my favourite place… I had waited years to see the Michelangelo frescos and I was so excited to finally be there to view them for  myself! However, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures in the Chapel, so I simply had to buy a ridiculously overpriced poster from the gift shop for my Uni room!

To be honest, I spent most of the day looking up at the different designs and frescos on the ceilings. My neck didn’t thank me for it, but everything was just so beautiful!

After a few hours spent in the Vatican Galleries, we skipped ourselves along to St Paul’s Basilica. I’d visited the Basilica on my last trip to Rome, but this year I had a bit more time to view it properly. Yet again I was surprised by the sheer size and decoration of St Paul’s. It is absolutely incredible and I could spend all day just looking around this one Basilica.

However, we couldn’t stay there all day… By the time we left the Basilica, we were all boiling in the heat and trying to keep ourselves cool. We wanted to find a bar to chill in for a while – but unfortunately our map reading skills left a lot to be desired and we ended up walking for about an hour and a half until we reached an incredible Ice Bar in the middle of Rome! We donned our thermal capes and ordered our drinks in glasses made out of ice! By the time we left the bar, we were all suitably cooled down by the -5 degree temperature and ready to carry on with our exploring.

After finding another Taxi, we ended our second day with large amounts of pasta and wine at a cute restaurant in the centre near some fountains. After dinner, I walked a bit further along to get a Caricature drawn with the Colosseum in the background. And just when we thought our night was over, all six of us ended up piling into one hotel room and raiding the alcohol stashed in the mini fridge… Our stomach muscles had a serious work out from the amount of laughing we did!


Day 3:

Our final day was a bit rushed because we had to leave for the airport at 2pm, so we only had the morning to do a bit more sightseeing. Originally we thought we’d make a trip to the Modern Art gallery we’d seen on the way to the Spanish Steps – but we actually ended up getting a Taxi to the Zoo… This received no objection from a certain Zoology student..!

I hope you guys are having a fab Summer so far! Have you been on holiday anywhere?

Song Recommendation:

TopLoader –> Dancing In The Moonlight


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