Bill Skinner… Again


I first wrote about my devotion to all things Bill Skinner related in one of my very early posts, and since then my love for his designs has leapt to a new height of obsession. So bearing this in mind, you can imagine how excited I was to find a certain grey box in the post this morning – because I knew it contained my sale purchases from Bill Skinner! The beginning of the 75% off BS sale marked the exact moment my bank account was going to begin its suffering – but I couldn’t care less! My jewellery box is now looking even more gorgeous now that it’s full of my new purchases…


(Sorry in advance for the chipped nails in the photos…)

  1. The Westie Earrings:

These Bill Skinner cuties were originally £40, but dropped to £12 in the sale… However, this particular pair of earrings was actually bought from eBay for £5, and I really couldn’t resist them at that price! The Westies themselves have tiny little faux pearls hanging from their chins and they have hilarious hairy details around their eyes which I love! They’re a fabulous edition to my small collection of earrings and I already know I’ll be wearing them everywhere…


2. The Otter Ring:

I must admit that although I’ve had my beady eye on this ring for months, the £55 price tag definitely prevented me from buying it… I adore the work of Bill Skinner and the team – so of course I want to buy as much of it as possible – but I’m not prepared to pay full price… I’ve been praying for this ring to end up in the Summer sale – and it did, eventually ending up at only £15… The small brown otter face peeks out from above a yellow and green enamel ombré reed. The minute carved details, use of coloured enamels, and tiny paws make this ring absolutely perfect for me. It is the cutest thing I have in my ring collection and I adore that tiny face!



3. The March Hare ring:

This is the slightly more expensive of the two rings I bought… Even at £60, the March Hare ring has been on my “Need to Buy” list for quite a long time now because the style complements two of the other Bill Skinner rings I own – and I wanted to have all three in my collection! When I accidentally stumbled across the announcement for the Bill Skinner sale on their Instagram, I hurried to the March Hare page and bought the ring for £15 straight away because there were only two left! Phew (!) I wasn’t about to let all those months of waiting go to waste… The Hare ring differs slightly to the Leopard and Horse versions I own because it is finished with a Pearl cabochon instead of the Labradorite cabochons on the other two rings… But I think I actually prefer the pearl! The long legs and ears are seriously gorgeous and the face is beautiful! I really do love Bill Skinner.

Despite the pitiful state of my bank balance, I couldn’t be happier with my jewellery choices and we all know I’ll be buying from Bill Skinner again! Hooray!



Do you have a favourite jewellery designer?

A Late Song Recommendation:

Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way


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