A Makeup Clear Out


I am a hoarder. I always have been and I probably always will be. I save everything – ranging from packaging and receipts to makeup and clothing – and piles of random things have slowly been taking over my room. To be honest, there could be a family of Borrowers living under my bed and I wouldn’t have a clue. This self-inflicted problem has been made even worse because I’ve had to move all of my belongings back home from Uni for the Summer – so everything is crammed into one bedroom… which is now overflowing.

A serious clear out was long overdue, so I decided to blitz everything in one go. My dressing table was the first thing to be cleared and sorted – of course – because streamlining my makeup collection and making my dresser look fabulous were obviously my top two priorities!



I even cleared out my single dresser drawer and threw away a massive pile of old receipts and birthday cards. I really don’t know why I keep all of this rubbish in my room!


My Stackers jewellery box also got the tidying treatment and ended up looking quite nice with my Pandora charms on little bars and all my necklaces and rings in the correct compartments…

It is really easy for me to keep buying and collecting new makeup… but all of my products have started to take up too much space. I knew I needed to chuck away everything I no longer used so I could at least make a tiny dent in the amount of makeup I already owned, and save myself some space. I made a fairly good start and gave a few primers and moisturisers away to friends and family – but I didn’t get rid of as much as I thought I would. I’ve also just ordered a few subscription boxes for this month so I’ve probably got more makeup bits arriving over the next few days..! I can already see another clear out on the horizon.

Everything being thrown away

Products that I don’t use in my everyday makeup routine have found a home in a big box I bought from TK Maxx… This fits nicely under my bed so I no longer have bags full of makeup around my room! Hooray!

My eyeshadow palettes and nail polishes have also been stored away in separate makeup bags so I now know where everything is and I don’t have to spend ages searching for a specific product.

I received this cute fox makeup bag from a friend for my birthday a few years ago. I haven’t really put it to much use in the past, but it is now used to hold all of my O.P.I polishes in one place.

The second bag I’m using is a giant wash bag that I bought fromย eBay for a reduced price last year. It’s from the Disaster Designs “Wander” collection and I just love the travel journal-style print and the small mirror hidden inside the “Marine Notes” book on the front. This bag now contains my pitiful collection of eyeshadow palettes and singles. I actually thought I had a few more eyeshadows lying around so I may have to put a few palettes on my birthday wish list this year…

Have you guys had a clear out recently?

Song Recommendation (Because it was on in River Island today…):

Blaenavon –> Orthodox Man


8 thoughts on “A Makeup Clear Out

  1. Great post – I’m in the process of doing the same at the moment with clothes, bags, makeup and footwear. It’s amazing how much stuff piles up over time, making it difficult to find what you DO want to use and wear. Clearing out the clutter leaves you feeling great, doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. I do have a couple of big clear outs a year but also try to spend a few minutes once a week, targeting a room. That way it doesn’t get too overwhelming and I’m not likely to feel miserable about getting rid of things. I also pick times when I’m in high spirits – I’m more likely to be ruthless than if I’m having a bad day. Plus, bad days can have you overthinking and regretting your decisions to let things go. I totally agree with how fab it feels afterwards, especially if you’re naturally a hoarder like I am. It’s like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and seeing an area look tidier and being able to access everything much easier is fab. I’m guilty of buying more stuff afterwards too which in some ways feels like defeating the object, however we only live once!

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