3 Fresh Face Products


Today I found myself slightly struggling for a post topic… but as I sat down at my dressing table wondering what to write about, I realised I had a few skin hydrating and moisturising products lying around that would be perfect for a short skin care post! During the Summer months skin care is especially important because it is really easy for your face to become dehydrated in the heat – so here are 3 products I’ve been swapping in and out of my moisturising skincare routine…


1 – Estée Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack:

RRP: £23.50 for 50ml

This gorgeous pale pink gel provides your skin with the most amazing hydrating and cooling sensation. The water pack can be used as an overnight mask to provide a huge hit of moisture and refreshment to tired or dehydrated skin while you sleep. In terms of texture, the gel is feather light and it doesn’t clog your pores – which is always a bonus! When you wake up the next day, your skin is left feeling smooth and plump – especially if you exfoliate before mask application. It works like magic and is definitely worth it’s £23.50 price tag!


2 – Pixi Glow Mist:

RRP: £16 for 80ml

I particularly like this spray because it can be used before makeup to nourish the skin, or after makeup to set it and create a luminous glowing finish!  The 80ml bottle is handbag-friendly and perfect for moisture emergencies while I’m out and about. I was a bit unsure about the floating oil on the top of the mist liquid, but once shaken the product emulsifies; so even though it looks slightly odd on the shelf, the oil is definitely nothing to worry about – so don’t let it put you off. I can’t recommend this Glow Mist enough, so if you get a chance to try it out… do!


3 – Fresh Soy Face Cleanser:

RRP: $15 for 50ml

I didn’t expect much from this cleanser due to a few negative reviews online, but I was so wrong! It has a gorgeous natural scent and a wonderful cooling gel texture. I’ve found that it soothes and softens the skin, giving it a dewy, youthful appearance that I wasn’t expecting from a cleanser in this price range. It is very gentle on the face and can even be used safely around the eyes which is reassuring. Although it is definitely not the strongest cleanser on the market, I like the feel of it on my face and I would definitely repurchase it when it runs out!


What skin care products are you using at the moment?

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