Top 5 Makeup Products – July


July is almost over and August is already just around the corner! The year is flying by – where does the time go?

I’m currently in the middle of a makeup collection overhaul, so as we rapidly approach the end of this month, I thought I’d do a quick post to round up my 5 favourite everyday makeup products for July.

1 – L’Oréal Color Riche Eyeliner

Earlier this month I decided to bin all of the cheap too-dark-for-my-complexion eyeliners I’ve collected over the years and buy a L’Oreal Color Riche eyeliner in a slightly paler slate grey colour. I’ve never been a fan of liquid eyeliners because I don’t have the patience to try and draw perfect cat eyeliner flicks on my eyelids. Instead I seem to always opt for Kohl eyeliners that I can smudge to create a smoky effect above and below my eyes – this L’Oreal Kohl liner fits the bill perfectly because the colour is much better for my face and it smudges really well.


2 – I Heart Makeup Eyeshadow

My Parental Advisory palette is from I Heart Makeup and this month I’ve been wearing a mixture of the gold and brown tones almost everyday. I was originally drawn to this palette in the shop because I saw that it had a holographic outer case and I’m a sucker for anything novelty! There are 36 matte and shimmer eyeshadows which are all silky smooth and quite highly pigmented considering this palette was only £7.99 from Superdrug. I’ve tried more expensive palettes that aren’t this good, so I stick to this eyeshadow for everyday use and I’d definitely buy it again.

3 – Lancome Mascara

This is Lancome Hypnose “Doll Eyes” mascara that was a free gift from John Lewis. I would definitely recommend this because it gives your eyelashes much more volume, it doesn’t clump and it only takes a few seconds to dry! The smell and texture of this mascara pushes it head and shoulders above other brands I’ve used, and I’m going to be so disappointed when it runs out!

4 – Lime Crime Lipstick

I have a very limited colour palette when it comes to lipsticks – I always opt for plum and brown tones. I’ve been wearing my Lime Crime “Gemma” lipstick quite a lot this holiday so I’d say this is my lipstick of choice for the month, but I still occasionally switch in my Chanel “Rouge Noir” or Mac “Frost” lipsticks depending on my mood that day.

5 – #Insta Fix and Matte Powder

This Rimmel Insta Mattifying translucent powder is amazing and I can’t imagine life without it now! As it’s name suggests, it keeps everything matte and in place for the whole day. I don’t even know how I survived without this setting powder in my makeup bag to be honest. This stuff is worth its weight in Gold!

What are your favourite makeup products of this month? Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Song Recommendation:

Paul Simon –> Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes


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