Spain Haul


I thought I’d do a really quick post to show you the mini haul of things I’ve bought so far this holiday! Artisan and handmade products have always seemed to call out to me, so it’s no surprise I’ve come away with a few pieces from craft markets and shops that can’t be found back home in England…

Silk Wide Leg Trousers:

I bought these from “Secretos de India” in the sale for €14.90 which I thought was a really good price for a pair of Indian Silk trousers. They are high waisted with massively wide legs and have a gorgeous floral design – perfect for floating about in the village or relaxing at home.

Olive Wood and Moonstone Ring:


I’ve mentioned this ring before in a previous post, but I’m going to touch on it again because I love it. This was bought for €16 from the Tuesday Market in the first week of my holiday – a bit on the expensive side for a wooden ring but I couldn’t help myself! It was handcrafted by the “El Señor de los Olivos” company and is inset with a brass hoop and a small Moonstone in the centre. Before this holiday I had never owned anything with Moonstone, but it’s quickly becoming my favourite gemstone and I want to buy more!

Silver and Stone Ring:

Another Market purchase, I bought this the following week from the silver jewellery stall for €12.50 which was a bargain! It’s has beautiful scroll work along the top of the ring and contains another small white stone inset in the silver. I’ve been stacking this with a few of my other rings and it looks fantastic. I may have to look into buying more rings of this type very soon…


Straw and Leather Bag:

After becoming inspired by a few Instagrammers and bloggers I follow, I’ve spent the last few weeks searching for a round straw bag. I shopped around a bit in town and found a couple of bags for about €30, but I managed to snap up this leather and straw bag at the Tuesday Market for €23 – and for that price I couldn’t resist it. It’s the perfect bag for holiday and has enough room to fit all of my bits and pieces. The only downside is that it doesn’t have an inside pocket, but I love it so much I’m willing to ignore that little annoyance…



Butterfly and Murano Necklace:

This last piece is my favourite buy of the whole holiday. As a Zoology student, I love all things animal or insect related, so when I saw a new stall selling butterfly wing pendants and accessories I just had to have a closer look. This was bought from the Wednesday craft market from the Susana Martin artisan stall, where dead butterflies were collected from conservation schemes and collections before being made into jewellery. There were quite a few different varieties of butterflies to choose from, but I decided to buy the most expensive (of course) because it was an iridescent green and blue with a matching Murano glass drop – I just had to own it! And even at €20 I didn’t think that was too outrageous for something so unusual.

Glass and butterfly wing pendant

I love all of these pieces and can’t wait to take them home! – I just hope I’ll be able to fit them all in my suitcase…

Song Recommendation:

Billy Idol –> White Wedding


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